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Qualtrics and Farlinium’s Stars Improvement Solution Qualtrics and Farlinium’s Stars Improvement Solution


Qualtrics and Farlinium’s Stars Improvement Solution

Qualtrics enables payor organizations to understand the "why" behind CAHPS scores, proactively pinpoint issues, and drive meaningful action.

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Organizations recognize that a traditional approach to Stars improvement is no longer sufficient. The key to success lies in effectively identifying and prioritizing actionable insights throughout every segment of the member journey before the official CAHPS survey administration period. The Qualtrics’ Stars Improvement Solution is an early warning system that leverages data from across all channels of member experience to proactively identify & improve underperforming areas.

Qualtrics enables payor organizations to understand the “why” behind CAHPS scores, and triangulate the summation of member experiences, the barometer by which a member evaluates plan performance captured in CAHPS survey(s). This means that you can proactively pinpoint issues that most significantly impact member experience along key journeys, and drive meaningful action. With Qualtrics, organizations can easily unite their simulation CAHPS and other member data across different interactions like surveys, calls, chats, or CTMs. Unifying these sources and data clarifies what experiences are truly holding back specific CAHPS metrics, allowing the organization to act on systematic issues.

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Best-in-industry Medicare Advantage CX Analytics practice & NLP analysis of omnichannel feedback
  2. Proactively predict and address issues that could cause poor CAHPS outcomes
  3. Modeling of CAHPS score drivers and member pain points
  4. Powerful dashboards & operational tools to measure and highlight interaction quality and enable closed-loop feedback
  5. Contract and region specific improvement strategy targeted towards lagging CAHPS metrics
  6. Coaching call center agents for chat and call to properly address CAHPS moments that matter

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Get to member-specific pain points by understanding every interaction linked with your simulation CAHPS scores. Enrich your understanding by adding demographic data to provided additional member context.


Tie these specific member journeys to each of the CAHPS measures, such as Get Care Quickly (GCQ) sub-questions. Now when you are looking at member journeys, you can see specifically how to improve at a question-level.

What You Get

Qualtrics provides the purpose-built, industry specific solution, and Farlinium contributes deep consulting expertise in setting up and maximizing the value from the solution.

Best-in-class omni-channel analytics

Join mock-CAHPS scores to the feedback the CAHPS respondents provided in the months leading up to taking the survey to identify the pain points and journeys that most affect CAHPS outcomes.

We make it easy to get responses:

  • Upload your own contacts
  • Purchase respondents directly in Qualtrics

Medicare advantage expertise

Farlimium offers best-in-industry Medicare Advantage CX Analytics practice to collaboratively create and enact strategies to remediate member frustration related to CAHPS.

Solution Details

Farlinium will supply all Implementation Services to implement Stars Improvement Solution.

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