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J.D. Power Banking Customer Experience J.D. Power Banking Customer Experience

XM Solution Guided Program

J.D. Power Banking Customer Experience

Drive strategy, forecasted growth, and retention through customer experience by taking advantage of J.D. Power benchmarks and industry-leading Qualtrics technology.

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Customer Experience

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J.D Power


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Align strategy and forecasts with customer experience to reveal how your customers use your products and services, identify their “moments of truth,” and convert findings into actionable insights to deliver the growth you need.

Jumpstart your strategic plans and forecasts with:

  • 50+ years of benchmarks and best practices from J.D. Power
  • Key Performance Indicators to establish and track performance targets, customer “reuse” and establish goals via role- and channel-based dashboards on the Qualtrics XM platform

With this XM Solution customers will:

  • Get powerful scientific-backed research and methodology based on J.D. Power’s 50+ years analyzing customer experience
  • Access integrated independent, cross-industry and industry-specific benchmarks and KPIs to understand your performance in the eyes of the customers’ full CX ecosystem
  • Leverage J.D. Power guidance, evaluation and support to optimize your customer experience program to drive business results
  • View real-time omni-channel customer feedback with a roadmap for accelerated improvement

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Optimize the customer experience across your branches, digital, contact center, and others, based on industry-leading benchmarks across financial services
  2. Activate everyone in the organization to take action on what matters most to your customers’ experience and how to use that to deliver growth
  3. Predict the actions that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line

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J.D. Power uses a 5-phase approach to implement and grow your Banking Strategy and CX program:

  1. Discover: Understand needs, gaps, and critical success factors drives effective design
  2. Design: Begin your program with world-class science and information delivery
  3. Onboard: Engage organizations drive success later
  4. Manage: Leverage information to deliver an exceptional customer experience
  5. Improve: Achieve improved results through clear insights and decisive action

Plus, you’ll always stay a step ahead with access to additional surveys, dashboards, new features, and industry benchmarks as they’re released.

What You Get

Expert-built Surveys

Get pre-built banking customer surveys designed by J.D. Power science experts based on 50+ years CX experience and proven to help you get the insights you need to improve the customer experience:

  • In-Branch
    • Transactions
    • Financial Advisor Services
  • Digital
    • Online Experience
    • App Experience
    • Online Transactions
  • Brand Relationship
  • Support
    • Customer Support
    • Contact Center

Globally Recognized Benchmarks

  • Access to the current J.D. Power Retail Banking Benchmark Study (subscription required)
  • JD. Power’s industry thought leaders delivering best-in-industry analytics via:
    • Customer Experience Performance Report analysis and workshop – Semi-Annually
    • On-Site Leadership Performance Improvement Workshop –  Annually
  • External, independent, globally recognized 3rd-party benchmarks and KPIs across the customer journey
  • Customer experience experts driving best practices

Prebuilt Reports & Dashboards

Turn data into insights with dashboards and reports ready-built with integrated J.D. Power benchmarks (syndicated subscription required). These easy-to-use formats, designed by J.D. Power Banking thought leaders, will enable you to share insights across your organization and start making CX improvements today across areas such as In-Branch, Digital, Support and others. These dashboards and reports include:

  • Overview by Role – Executive vs. Regional Manager vs. Branch Manager
  • Best Practices
  • Problem Resolution
  • Loyalty and Retention
  • New Account
  • Overall Site and App Experience
  • Products & Services Experience
  • Customer Support
  • Contact Center
  • Text Analytics
  • Alerts Tracking
  • Performance Scorecard

Implementation & Service

A dedicated J.D. Power implementation consultant will work with you to provide XM Solution content with custom logo/branding.

Post-deployment, a J.D. Power Customer Success Manager will work with you to make sure your CX program is running smoothly, provide support, and alert you to new features and updates.

Let them be your personal concierge in integrating the J.D. Power CX Banking Solution and Qualtrics XM technology with your business.

Implementation services and integrations costs are dependent on the number of surveys and dashboard configurations and advanced add-on features.

Solution Details

Required License: Customer Experience



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