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Website Suggestion Box

Collect visitor feedback on how your website can be improved.

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Find out how they really feel. Collect honest feedback from real customers with a virtual suggestion box for your website.

Online anonymity is rarer than it used to be. Websites often ask users to share contact details like name and email address and demographic data when they share feedback to enhance its value. But being identifiable may restrict how honest people feel able to be.

Providing a free-text suggestion box for your website allows visitors to submit their feedback spontaneously and without second-guessing themselves. It means you can find out exactly what they’re thinking about your site and your business.

The Qualtrics platform offers tools like TextiQ which can help you automatically assess free text and gather postive/negative sentiment analysis from large quantities of data. So if the suggestion box is bursting at the seams, there’s no need for staff to spend time sifting through it.

Companies can:

  1. Collect honest, spontaneous feedback from website visitors
  2. Collate and analyze suggestion box data alongside other inputs using the Qualtrics platform
  3. Use tools like TextiQ to minimize manual work and understand customer sentiment at a glance

Outcomes Delivered

  1. A more complete insight into customer pain points and ideas
  2. Feedback data at your fingertips – browse individual responses or check macro-level trends
  3. Customers feel heard – the presence of a suggestion box shows you value their feedback

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Three Easy Steps

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Select and customize the survey template
  3. Distribute your survey and begin analyzing results

What You Get

Expert-built Survey

An expert-built survey template preloaded with the right questions to help you save time and get results faster.

  • Ph.D. designed methodology
  • Prebuilt logic and survey structure
  • Automated workflow

Access to Dozens of Templates

Creating a Qualtrics account instantly gives you access to 50+ survey templates that you can begin distributing right away.

We make it easy to do things like:

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