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Topic: University of Washington

Sophia, Research Services Account Executive: adventures with Qualtrics

My "why" is making connections and new experiences. There is nothing I love more than traveling, living in new places, and meeting new people. This has shaped my life by providing me with new perspect...

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Neha, Software Test Engineer, and a career of imagination

Creativity. I love being able to create something brand new. I adore understanding the intricacies of what I am developing. I thrive when I am in a setting where I can take an imaginative leap. At ...

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Gain skills. Make Impact. Melissa’s Engineering Internship

My "why" is twofold: I'm driven by a desire to (1) strengthen and diversify my skill set through new experiences, and (2) leverage those skills to create meaningful impact in other people's lives. Qua...

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At the point of exploration: William, Engineering Intern

What is my 'why'? That's a question I've been asked in myriad job interviews in myriad ways, and I've never had a good answer. What being here has helped me to realize this summer, however, is that th...


Born to code: Steve, Senior Principal Engineer, tells his story

Software Engineering is my life-long passion. Ever since I was a child, I was very interested in computers. My first computer was an 8-bit computer called MSX based on the Z80 processor, and I learned...

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Empathy and Care in UX: Emily’s Internship Story with Qualtrics

I’ve always been driven by relationships and connecting with people. I love UX because it involves being empathetic towards others and putting in care to come up with a solution. That’s why workin...

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Catherine, Global Head of IQ: Finding Opportunity and Meaningful Challenge

Catherine is the Global Head of IQ for Qualtrics and is based in our Seattle, WA engineering HQ. As the Global Head of IQ, Catherine leads the engineering teams that build advanced intelligent featur...

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Building Communities and Relationships in Seattle with Sara Bogardus, PhD, EX Engagement Manager

The biggest theme that spans across my personal and professional life is relationships. I love building communities, coordinating social events, and prioritizing time with my friends and family. Profe...

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Why Qualtrics - Curtis Stevens - Senior Program Architect -Seattle, WA

Life is a series of experiences, which should be reviewed, analyzed and optimized so that we can have the best life possible. My family reviews our experiences, whether rock climbing, hiking, biking, ...

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