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Learn the ‘Hook Model’ at Qualtrics Master Sessions

Instagram has ridden the modern fear of missing out (FOMO) higher than any other service. But it’s not just the fear of missing your friend’s moody cloud picture. It’s also the fear of missing out on the shareable moments from your own day. In Nir Eyal’s ‘Hook Model’ outlined in Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, […]

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Pie Charts for Pi Day

Happy Pi Day everyone. You know: March 14, or 3.14. The puns will litter your Facebook feed, and, no doubt, your local bakery has already cooked up a one-day deal. But while pi is important, let’s take a moment to also honor the humble pie … chart. Pi, a brief history First, some context. Pi, […]

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Brand Experience is Rushing to the Point of Sale

In L2-founder Scott Galloway’s No Mercy / No Malice post, he nails the modern dilemma of branding in a world of atomized attention: The key issue facing … manufacturers’ brands blessed with aspirational appeal and irrational margins — is that brand building has moved from broadcast to point of purchase, and their points of purchase […]

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