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Ben Rogers

Author Bio

Ben helps businesses around the world show how they are closing experience gaps with Experience Management. A reader, a skier, and an erstwhile researcher, he leads the customer marketing team at Qualtrics.

Articles written by Ben Rogers

Not in the same boat: Career progression in the pandemic

New study from Qualtrics and theBoardlist finds working during the pandemic disproportionately affects careers of women, parents, and people of color. COVID-19 has forced everyone to adjust to a ne...

13min read

How the City of Houston Health Department is using technology to speed essential contact tracing

In Texas, the state’s largest city is carefully getting back to business. And the responsibility for educating the public and helping slow the spread of the coronavirus falls to the Houston Health D...

8min read

How Turkey’s largest conglomerate is listening and acting to help employees during the COVID-19 crisis

Koç Holding is a diverse conglomerate operating in more than 10 sectors with more than 90,000 employees around the world. With the outbreak of COVID-19 in China early in 2020, Koç Holding started to...

15min read

How the Utah State Board of Education is winning funding and addressing the COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the world quickly for the Utah State Board of Education. “The Governor announced [the state was] going into closure on a Thursday, and they announced that schools wou...

5min read

Customer Segmentation to Increase Revenue: Examples from Best Buy, Mercedes Benz, and AMEX

When Michael Dell, founder of Dell computers, was 16, he sold subscriptions for a local newspaper in Houston. He figured out that two demographics bought newspapers more than others: those who just pu...

6min read