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Farren Roper

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Farren is the Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Qualtrics. He works to level the playing field for all Qualtrics employees globally to allow everyone’s unique brilliance to shine. He believes that when we all play, we all win. Prior to his career in DEI he worked as an attorney, marketer, and serial entrepreneur. He is a Ted Talk speaker and originally from South Africa.

Articles attributed to Farren Roper

Qualtrics DEI report reflects back on 2022 progress and remains committed to taking action

Our end-of-year DEI report aims to fulfill one of our core values — transparency. This report reflects back on the progress throughout the year and also the areas where we can improve and take actio...

By Farren Roper

Striving for Inclusive Leadership & Belonging:
Our semiannual DEI report

Today we are sharing our semiannual Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) report as part of our commitment to communicating our progress and opportunity areas with transparency. In the past two year...

By Farren Roper

How to build and develop inclusive teams

Building and developing an inclusive team requires that all team members feel safe, valued and like they belong.  Why are inclusive teams important? Recent studies have found that employees desire ...

By Farren Roper

The 7 traits of inclusive leaders

There's no doubt that leaders hold the keys to inclusion. But how do you become an inclusive leader? What are the traits that inclusive leaders share? "Inclusive Leadership has one of the highest cor...

By Farren Roper

How to avoid common pitfalls in your DEI strategy

Embedding DEI across the organization drives better outcomes for all. But too often, DEI initiatives become siloed without creating impact. Here’s how to stay on track and create lasting change. ...

By Farren Roper, Fayruz Kirtzman, Mark Royal

Airbnb DEI Chief on 9 ways to create a culture of belonging

Discover practical ways to foster a culture of belonging that makes your people feel included, safe, and engaged. How do you create a culture where all employees are not only invited to share their...

By Farren Roper