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Justin Ethington is a contributor to the Qualtrics blog.

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Primary vs. secondary market research: What they are and when to use each

Ancient sailors consumed data just like we do today, but their data wasn't terabytes, it was shiny lights - stars to be exact. They navigated their vessels by reading Big Three constellations - Cas...

5 min read

How market research platforms are redefining research agencies

Market research agencies no longer have to choose between driving ROI for clients or driving ROI for themselves There’s a widening gulf between old research agencies modeled on the past and new mar...

4 min read

Why collecting sensitive survey data is putting your company at risk

There’s a real cost to storing sensitive survey data that never gets used. Have you ever driven through a city at night to see block after block of office building windows lit up because the ligh...

4 min read

10 Market Research Tools You Should Be Using

Every worker needs their toolbox, and market researchers are no different. Your research toolbox doesn’t have a vice or stud finder, but it does have tools that crunch data and find hidden insights....

4 min read

Why Companies Are Taking Their Market Research In-House

In today’s digital age where consumers are rapidly evolving, the need for more data is arising. As a result, many companies are bringing market research in-house from outsourced firms and it’s hel...

6 min read

15 Survey Questions For B2B Buyer Persona Success

No one ever built a successful buyer B2B persona framework by guessing. In fact, building your buyer personas without research is the good way to fail. If your buyer personas are off, your product wil...

4 min read

For How Long Should Your Survey Be Open?

One of the most common questions you will be asked about your survey is “What was the sample size?”, and rightly so. Sample size is an important signal that tells others if they can believe your f...

4 min read