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Susan Haufe

Author Bio

Susan has over 20 years of experience building customer-centric cultures. Before Qualtrics, she served as the Chief Experience Officer for Yale New Haven Health and the Administrative Director for Patient Relations and Service at Virginia Mason Medical Center. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Texas Christian University, Master’s in Health Administration from the University of Washington and serves on The Beryl Institute Solutions Advisory Board.

Articles written by Susan Haufe

Improving patient experience by engaging your employees

When I was a chief experience officer, I often told front-line leaders to stop focusing on patient experience and invest their energy in their employees. Healthcare organizations (HCOs) have long been...

4min read

The definitive guide to improving patient satisfaction

Learn how patient satisfaction has evolved, and how you can start using patient satisfaction surveys as part of a wider effort to improve the end-to-end patient experience with our ultimate guide. ...

14min read

Patient experience drives trust and advocacy

Today marks the beginning of Patient Experience Week. This week is a globally recognized event that celebrates the healthcare workers who impact patient experience every day. It is a week near and dea...

9min read

How to improve your HCAHPS survey results

Go beyond measurement and get a system of action that will help boost your HCAHPS scores and improve your patients’ experiences. Learn More About XM Solutions for Healthcare We know that captu...

5min read

Qualtrics gives thanks to healthcare workers

I have been pondering this post for days. The topic I am here to shine a light on is near and dear to my heart. This week is Patient Experience Week––a globally recognized event to celebrate and h...

6min read

Keeping healthcare systems running at peak performance

To provide the care patients need during the COVID-19 outbreak, healthcare workers need increased support and resources to perform their jobs and keep healthcare systems running at peak performance. ...

3min read

The healthcare industry needs more than just patient satisfaction surveys to deliver on experiences

The healthcare industry has been asking patients how they feel for over a decade. But patient satisfaction surveys only go so far — to really move the needle on the patient experience, it’s time t...

8min read

It's time to modernize HCAHPS around experiences

I am grateful to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for their tremendous impact on the movement of patient experience in healthcare – but it’s time to modernize the program. Prior...

8min read