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11 people team Zoom backgrounds to mix up your meeting mojo

As you settle into working from home, you’re probably establishing completely new routines. Like, primping your hair in the preview of your Zoom call or going for a stroll in the park you’ve neglected since moving to the neighborhood. It’s the new normal, and we’re all doing it.

It’s human nature to establish routines; likewise, it’s natural to want to mix things up once we get a bit bored. While rearranging the succulents in your home office might scratch the itch, we have another idea for mixing up your meeting mojo: a new video conferencing background specifically designed for HR and people teams.

Indeed, fun and funky meeting backgrounds are having a moment. And not just because they’re more aesthetically pleasing than, say, a blank wall. Changing up your Zoom background can also inspire some informal – and uplifting – conversation at the start of a call, something HR experts from all-remote companies recommend versus diving straight into business. With that in mind, we’ve created these backgrounds for your next people team video call.

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No Monday blues here

Just clear skies and views for days.

Download this background

Paradise found

Physical distancing made easy with your own private island.

Download this background

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Private garden

Workspace by day, garden party by night.

Download this background

City by the Bay

All of your coworkers will be California dreamin’ about this background.

Download this background

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We got this!

The people team mantra, of course.

Download this background

Backyard oasis

Honestly, we’re probably never leaving.

Download this background

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In case you miss your office

Because, same.

Download this background

Night sky

Here’s your chance to go camping. Or glamping. No telescope necessary.

Download this background

Words of encouragement

Positivity. Pass it on.

Download this background

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On Wednesdays we wear pink

You can sit with us.

Download this background

We’re in this together

Sometimes all we need is a little perspective. And Wi-Fi.

Download this background

Ready to give your next video conference call a boost? Here’s how to get creative with your background.

For Zoom:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Virtual Background.
  2. Click the + icon to upload a people team background from your computer.
  3. Join the meeting (option to primp hair in preview).
  4. Commence chit chat about your new video conferencing background.

For Webex:

  1. Join the meeting.
  2. Tap the video icon, then tap Virtual Background.
  3. Click the + icon to upload a people team background from your computer.
  4. Tap Apply and voila!

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