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A Musician’s Guide to Advertising and Marketing: 11 Things to Know

Musicians make music because they love doing it, but most musicians dream of sharing their work and making money from it, too. However, getting your music heard by other people and potentially building a career out of making music requires more than just turning out great songs. No matter how good your music is, if you don't have a comprehensive advertising and marketing strategy, you aren't going to be able to find listeners. Marketing scares a lot of people, but it's important to remember that the goal is simply to tell the story of who you are to the world so that people can enjoy the music you make.

1. Where to Sell Your Music

  • Selling Your Music on Your Own Website: Most musicians need their own website to sell their music.
  • CD Baby: Any musician who wants to sell their music through digital retailers has to go through a distributor like CD Baby.
  • Bandcamp: Not only is it free to upload music to Bandcamp, but musicians can also use the service to grow their email marketing list.
  • Soundcloud: Soundcloud doesn't directly sell music, but it does let musicians link to places where users can purchase songs they enjoy.

2. Where to Get a Band Review or Interview

3. Where to Break News and How to Do a Press Release

4. Where to Post

5. What to Know About Blogging

6. Where to Get Links to Your Website

7. Where to Post Your Gig Dates

8. Get Your Music on the Radio

9. Create a Profile to Promote Your Music

10. Well-Known Essential Resources

  • Digital Music Production: Carnegie Hall is one of the world's most famous music venues, and they've put together a video course to help people learn about producing music.
  • Sound on Sound : This magazine is an authority on the world of music production.
  • MusiCares: MusiCares provides a variety of important services for musicians, from mental health support to help with living expenses.
  • What Musicians Should Know About Copyright: Read up on your rights and the rights of others so you can protect yourself from copyright claims.

11. Marketing Music

David Dungan

Dave is a digital marketing manager at Qualtrics and writes on a wide range of topics aimed at providing useful information to our diverse audience. He lives in Dublin, Ireland and is an avid martial arts, sports, music, and technology enthusiast.

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