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Popular Internet Learning Tools for All Ages

One of the biggest benefits of the Internet is that it's made it easier to learn about any subject you might be interested in. Once upon a time, a kid struggling to learn geometry had to find a tutor or seek out their teacher after class. Now, that same student can access one of the many learning tools available online to help them understand exactly how angles work. Adults also use online learning tools to explore new languages or acquire new skills so they can move into a better-paying career.

ClozemasterUnlike some other language learning programs, Clozemaster uses language in context as a more natural way to help people study a new language and learn its natural rhythms. Learners are tested on their knowledge with fill-in-the-blank questions.

CodeacademyKids and adults interested in computer science, data management, coding, or software design should check out Codeacademy. Courses are designed to teach beginners the basics and help more advanced users learn even more about the coding languages they are already familiar with.

CoolMath4KidsCoolMath has two different products. CoolMath4Kids is aimed at kids under the age of 12 and uses a variety of fun games and age-appropriate methods to help kids learn and better understand elementary math. Teens and adults can use CoolMath to learn or refresh more advanced mathematical concepts. No matter the age bracket, the material is presented in an accessible, fun way.

CourseraCoursera partners with more than 200 institutions of higher learning to provide a variety of both free and paid classes. The platform is used by people who want to further their careers, take professional development courses, or learn more about a subject they are passionate about. Free courses include topics such as writing about science, how to negotiate, and the science of being happy.

DuolingoMore than 20 different language courses are available for native English speakers. Duolingo uses a mixture of reading, listening, and writing to help people learn the language they are studying. Additionally, Duolingo offers an immersion section featuring reading material written originally in the language being studied.

Google Digital GarageGoogle offers a variety of free classes in data science, career development, and digital marketing. Some of the courses are as short as two hours, while others are a more long-term commitment.

Graphic Design Course: Learn the Fundamentals of Graphic DesignModern life requires graphic design in one form or another from just about everyone. Kids making research reports, business owners advertising their companies on social media, and workers crafting presentations all need graphic design skills to make their work stand out. Hubspot created this free class that covers all the basics for interested people of all ages.

Khan AcademyNo matter what subject someone wants to learn, Khan Academy probably has a course for it! Courses in mathematics, history, computer programming, test prep, and more are available. Different courses are designed for different age groups and knowledge levels, and there are courses designed for students as young as pre-K.

MemriseDifferent people learn better using different teaching methods and learning styles. Memrise uses a gamified approach to make studying a foreign language fun. Users win points as they study and can also win additional points by competing against other students. The program is set up so that each lesson is delivered in a bite-size chunk. Users then commit new material to memory by playing games that use the information they just learned.

National Geographic Kids GamesWho doesn't love a good game? National Geographic designed these games to help kids learn about science and geography, but older students and adults can also enjoy refreshing their knowledge by playing.

OpenStax Some people like videos or interactive materials while they are learning new subjects, but other people prefer a straightforward textbook. However, printed textbooks can be quite costly. Luckily, Openstax makes a wide variety of high school and college-level textbooks available at absolutely no charge. The textbooks cover subjects like business, science, and language, and there are materials available for students as young as kindergarten, too.

SololearnInterested in learning how to code? Sololearn is free and has a massive library of lessons covering some of the most in-demand programming languages, including JavaScript and Python.

University of MichiganUniversity of Michigan is a well-known institution that also offers a wide variety of free college classes covering topics like building databases with PHP, approaching climate change, and learning the basics of Python. Most are suitable for high school students and older adults.

University of OxfordSome online college programs offer introductory courses that help people begin to learn a subject. But Britain's oldest university provides a different experience, offering courses designed as deep dives on more narrow topics, including ancient languages.

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