Just last week we announced Qualtrics VocalizeTM, the industry’s first out-of-the-box voice of the customer solution. Today, we’re unveiling our newest VoC resource: The Authoritative Guide to Voice of the Customer.


This 20-page guide outlines the real value behind VoC, shares customer experience stats and facts you’ll want to memorize before your next meeting with your boss, and a cheat sheet for how to build a best-in-class VoC program. As a bonus, we added a section about Net Promoter® Score, and threw in a few more kickers for you.


A recent Bain and Company study found that, “80% of executives believe their companies provide a superior customer experience.” When asking the same question to their customers, “only 8% agree.” Closing this gap is important for every organization on earth.


The Authoritative Guide to Voice of the Customer

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Forrester’s Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian led a Qualtrics Webinar on Voice of the Customer Best Practices: Characteristics of the Most Innovative VoC Programs, on October 9, 2014. Watch the on-demand version here.


* Source: Bain and Company