Adobe Analytics (Omniture) Surveys & Feedback with Qualtrics


Adobe Analytics

The Qualtrics-Adobe integration enables organizations to connect Adobe Analytics with Qualtrics’ Site Intercept helping to understand the “why” behind website user behavior.

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This two-way integration first connects the Qualtrics survey response data with your visitor clickstream data. It then injects relevant behavioral actions and attributes, from Adobe Analytics, back into the Qualtrics survey reporting.


Capture the “Why” Behind Website Visitor Behavior

Now businesses can understand how satisfied customers engage with their website compared to those that are less satisfied, by easily aligning survey responses with website visitor behavior to make improvements quickly.


Marketing Reports & Analytics

Companies can create customized dashboards and reports and share them in a variety of formats and channels. These reports can be viewed on desktops, mobile devices and HD displays, providing users with critical success metrics for marketing campaigns. This feature enables customers to understand how their online strategies and marketing initiatives perform in real time.



Enhance Qualtrics reporting with up to 5 custom conversion dimensions, 5 custom traffic dimensions, 5 custom success events and more than 20 other standard metrics and dimensions tracked with Adobe Analytics


Rapid Insights

Companies can now instantly identify high-value segments by drilling down into data to get a deep, precise and comprehensive view of customers, allowing the instant identification of high-value customer segments.



Optimize your customer experience by identifying high-value customer segments and targeting those users with timely and relevant content.


Ease of Use

Adobe Analytics data maps to Site Intercept for easy selection of conditions and triggers.


The following shows how an analyst might define an Adobe Analytics Segment using survey response data. This case assumes a survey question like “How satisfied were you with your visit today?”

Using this question we can create a segment to identify “Undersatisfied” visitors. Such a segment could be used to drill into any Adobe Analytics reports – such as the Purchase Conversion Funnel, as shown below.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Integrated survey data within Adobe Analytics flows in “live” as surveys are submitted. Exports to Qualtrics occur daily.
  • Traffic and conversion reporting based on survey, question and response level detail.
  • Uses only 1 ListVar, 1 eVar, and 1 event to integrate unlimited Qualtrics surveys.
  • Inject relevant behavioral actions and attributes back into Qualtrics’ survey reporting.
  • Pass survey data back into Adobe Analytics.
  • Construct user segments based on responses to specific survey questions.
  • Identify and target key customer segments with relevant content.
  • Integrate the voice of the customer into your web analytics.



  • Must be a current customer of Adobe Analytics.
  • Must be an Admin User.
  • Must have 1 available and enabled List variable within your report suite.
  • Must have 1 available and enabled eVar (or prop) variable within your report suite.
  • Must have 1 available custom event within your report suite.


  • Must be a current customer of the Qualtrics Research Suite.
  • Must be a user that has been given permissions to enable Adobe SiteCatalyst Integration.
  • Must be able to generate an Adobe SiteCatalyst Token within the Qualtrics IDs area of the Research Suite.

Deploying the integration