XM Institute Customer Ratings - Digital CX Benchmarks  XM Institute Customer Ratings - Digital CX Benchmarks

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XM Institute Customer Ratings - Digital CX Benchmarks

Compare the performance of your Digital Customer Experience program against industry peers and best-in-class organizations delivering superior digital customer experiences.

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Composite measure of CSAT, Likelihood to Return, and Ease of Use Scores

Measuring your digital customer experience over time provides a valuable insight into performance trends.  But comparing your results against those of your peers provides even deeper insights into how well your organization is meeting the expectations of customers across the market. 

Customer Ratings – Digital from the XM Institute help you clearly understand the leaders delivering the best customer experiences in each industry and identify how your organization compares.  These results can be included within your Qualtrics CX dashboards to provide an ongoing comparison, and to help prioritize customer experience activities and investments.

With Digital Customer Experience Benchmarks you’ll be able to:

  1. See how your Digital Customer Experience program compares to industry peers and the market overall
  2. Identify the best-performing industries and see which companies are providing the best experiences in each sector
  3. Set your own program’s goals based on industry and total market benchmarks

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Identify opportunities to differentiate from your competitors
  2. Prioritize your investments in the digital experience
  3. Compare your Digital CX program to other organizations within your industry

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What You Get

Access to a collection of benchmark reports and the corresponding data used to measure the digital customer experience.

Customer Ratings – Digital — is a measure of the overall digital experience that is calculated with the creation of a composite metric focused on CSAT, Likelihood to Return, and Ease of Use Scores across 180 brands based on responses from >13,000 customers across 17 industries:

  • Airlines
  • Apparel (Retail)
  • Auto Dealers
  • Banks
  • Big Box Retailers
  • Credit Cards
  • Grocery
  • Health Plans
  • Home Retailers
  • Hotels & Rooms
  • Investment Firms
  • Personal Care Retailers
  • Rental Cars & Transport
  • Specialty Retailers
  • Streaming Media
  • Technology
  • TV/ Internet Service


Include XM Institute digital customer experience ratings in your existing Customer Experience dashboards to serve as a reference point for digital customer experience program performance.  Further, the XM Institute Customer Ratings (Digital) map directly to the measurements of digital customer experience that are provided within the Digital Customer Experience XM Solution.


The inclusion of the XM Institute Ratings – Digital can be included within the initial delivery of Qualtrics CX report views, or can be easily added at a later time.

Additional Resources

  1. XM Institute Customer Benchmarks implementation documentation from Qualtrics Support Center
  2. NPS Benchmarks from XM Institute
  3. Overal Customer Experience Benchmarks from XM Institute

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Required License: Customer Experience 1



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