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OutcomeMD is a patient-reported outcome tracking platform that helps healthcare providers collect, elevate and celebrate their outcomes.

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Elevate and Celebrate your outcomes!  Easily access OutcomeMD via your Qualtrics account to enhance patient and provider experience as you seamlessly score and track changes in patient’s symptoms over time using medically validated Patient Reported Outcome Measures. Outcomes are turned into a simple fitness-tracker-like experience for physicians and patients.  The platform works across all specialties to inform medical decisions, alert providers when patients are declining and make it easy to intervene and improve care.  OutcomeMD also leverages data to increase health system and provider’s business by igniting word of mouth about their good outcomes on social media, review sites and search engines.  OutcomeMD is delivering the future of healthcare today!

Outcomes Delivered

  • Improve care – A fitness-tracker-like experience for the patient enhances their experience and delivers high rates of automated remote patient follow. As a result you generate actionable data with which to dial in best practices and inform treatment decisions, within the easy-to-use OutcomeMD Dashboard.
  • Attract new patients – Patients with good outcomes are empowered to celebrate their great care on social media and review sites. Search engine optimization and increased conversions occur through proprietary website widgets that leverage your data to ignite positive word of mouth.
  • Monetize your data – Generate specialized reports to help you negotiate better-paying contracts, auto-document robust medical notes, and generate instant studies with incredible power.

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Best Practices + Decision Support

Patient-Reported Outcome data populates an OutcomeMD dashboard that enables meaningful analyses of what does and does not work so you can scientifically inform treatment decisions in real-time.  OutcomeMD further allows users to correlate the outcome data with other key information collected during remote patient follow-up and from your EHR.  This includes data on patient compliance, patient phenotype, social determinants of health, adverse live events, medical comorbidities, and more.  The OutcomeMD dashboard allows you to create a clinical-study quality inclusion and exclusion criteria so that your outcome data is truly meaningful, and so you can put your best foot forward when negotiating contracts with payers, creating clinical studies, dialing in best practices, or using the data for marketing.  Measure What Matters – and then put that data to work for the betterment of patients and your bottom line!

Generate reports for contract negotiation

Specialized reports allow you to highlight your best outcomes by creating inclusion and exclusion criteria to make the data fair, representative and relevant.  The outcome data can hence be positioned with the rigor of a clinical study to present to payers what you do best.

Required License: Qualtrics API

If you’re an existing Qualtrics customer, contact your Account Executive. If you do not know your Account Executive, please request a demo above.

Already have the integration and looking for help? Then visit OutcomeMD’s support at or call support 1-878-OUTCOME. OutcomeMD is responsible for support of the integration with Qualtrics.



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