Survey Template

Experience management often requires surveys. As a Qualtrics customer or free account user, you have access to our complete collection of pre-made, customer, product, employee and brand survey templates.

Why use a free survey template?

Surveys are a powerful way to gather feedback and insights. You can use them as part of a research program, as a way to gather employee experience data within a company, or when you’re identifying requirements for a new product or service.

Questionnaire templates produced and validated by experts provide a short-cut to choosing the right survey questions. They help you get valuable feedback that you can turn into high-quality data and actionable insights.

Explore the options available above to find the questionnaire template best suited to your task. You can modify each one to suit your needs or create your own survey from scratch with a free Qualtrics account.

A free Qualtrics account gives you access to over 50 free survey templates addressing research questions across Customer Experience, Employee Experience, brand management, recruitment, product design and concept testing, academic study and many more.

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