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Candidate Experience Survey

Measure and improve candidate experiences during job application, interview, and potential onboarding processes.

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The candidate experience is a crucial component of EX that can strongly influence employee engagement, intent to stay and other key drivers of success. Creating a positive candidate experience can help you attract high quality applicants and strengthen your employer brand.

Selecting the best candidate experience research questions isn’t always intuitive. This candidate experience survey template provides a framework for measuring proven indicators at key moments, including applications, interviews and initial onboarding. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

The survey will form the backbone of an EX program that helps you iterate and improve on a continual basis. Use it to benchmark your current standard of performance and assess where you can develop and improve the candidate journey for your future applicants.

Companies can:

  1. Track the metrics that matter – surveys are designed using expert knowledge of the employment market
  2. Shine a light on moments that matter early in the employee journey and rapidly optimize them for powerful results
  3. Collect, collate and analyze data effortlessly using a single cloud-based platform
  4. Gauge progress and validate improvements using like-for-like data over the long term
  5. Save time, money and effort thanks to automated reporting and user-friendly dashboards – no prior knowledge required

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Specific, granular knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses across the candidate journey
  2. Real-time feedback availability that allows you to enhance and improve experiences as they’re happening
  3. Built-in analysis tools to help you surface trends over time and identify key drivers of behavior

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What You Get

Expert-built Survey

An expert-built survey template preloaded with the right questions to help you save time and get results faster.

  • Ph.D. designed methodology
  • Prebuilt logic and survey structure
  • Automated workflow

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