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Supercharge customer profiles and build privacy-first personalization by capturing zero party data at scale with experiences like onboarding quizzes and guided shopping that deliver genuine value to customers

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Wyng makes it easy to collect preferences, goals, interests, values and other zero-party data from your customers. Using the Wyng platform, you can:

  • Create beautiful experiences that progressively collect and analyze zero-party data from anonymous & known customers on your brand website
  • Give customers a way to update/manage their data via a secure branded portal
  • Automatically feed the data to Qualtrics, where you can analyze and use it to improve customer experiences.

You’ll be able to supercharge existing Qualtrics’ customer profiles with zero-party data or create net-new records as data automatically flows into Experience ID.

Outcomes Delivered

Supercharge customer profiles at scale

  • Accelerate growth efficiently by using zero-party data to build better progressive customer profiles, segments, and a complete understanding of what your customers want and why.

Increase Conversion

  • More relevant content for anonymous or known users means more engagement, better support, and higher adoption.

Build trust by empowering customers

  • Branded portals give customers control of data and go far beyond notification control and data compliance.

Privacy-first personalization

  • Combining zero party data with other data, you’ll be equipped to act and personalize digital experiences with Qualtrics in an ethical and privacy-compliant way

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Earn zero-party data quickly and easily with microexperiences

Quickly and easily create beautiful and helpful experiences to collect customer preferences, interests, values, and more. Examples include: Quizzes, Conversational Opt-Ins, Next Best Question, and more.

No code building of experiences and forms

Access a library of expert-designed experiences and easy tools to build and customize your own. Build and analyze segments and integrate the data into Qualtrics via simple APIs.

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Solution Details

Required License: CustomerXM for Digital. Also available for purchase for customers with the Website and App Feedback add-on.

If you’re an existing Qualtrics customer, contact your Account Executive. If you do not know your Account Executive, please request a demo above.

Already have the integration and looking for help? Then visit Wyng’s support at or contact support Wyng is responsible for support of the integration with Qualtrics.



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