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May Move Moment: 5 Reasons I’m Joining the 5K For The Fight

A few years ago, I met the good people of Qualtrics and learned about the cancer movement they started, 5 For The Fight. I have enjoyed leading “move moments” during their X4 conference as well as presenting on my work that has become The Dance Cure Book. 

Today, I’m asking you to join their effort in this 5th month by signing up for the 5K For The Fight this weekend, May 21-22. Let me tell you why. 

Just a few months ago, I myself was diagnosed with bowel cancer.  Cancer is a horrible ordeal and it’s a bit fresh for me. As I reflect even early in my recovery, I remember at first armoring up, then leaning on what has served so many before. First, I leaned on the medical treatment, which is completely the result of research. In March alone in the UK 320,000 people died of colon cancer. I was so lucky that work had been done all these years that resulted in my care.  The second thing which has been truly phenomenal has been the love and support of my family and friends and the subsequent life saver for me, which might sound ridiculous to anybody, has been just moving my body and for me that means dance.

Dance, Tai chi or running or walking  aren’t going to cure cancer, but it really helps to come to terms with both the physical and psychological effects. You start to think you need to defend yourself, you put on a brave face, but you can’t always do that, you have to let go.  It is a fight. 5 For the Fight. We have to keep fighting. 

Before the surgery, I wanted to stay as positive as possible and in about 5 minutes into my movement my mind would clear away and I wouldn't be thinking about my worst fears. What if my son doesn’t have a father and what happens to my wife? I escaped from my worst fears through dance. 

My prognosis is good.  I have seen the greatest outpouring of love, we find meals on the doorstep!  People are just amazing and I believe love is the greatest gift of cancer. I love that I can now cheer you on to run/walk or dance your way through a 5K because I truly believe in 5 For The Fight and the power of cancer research. 

So, here’s what I’m asking you to do: Sign up for 5K For The Fight Challenge, which is the signature event of 5 For The Fight Month. In the first two years, 5 For The Fight, the cancer crowd-funding charity has had 3,300 people participate from 75 countries. This year’s event is May 21-22 and takes place all over the world with a 5K run/walk, Peloton ride and a Do 5 Challenge where you can choose your own physical challenge that starts with a 5. 

As a bowel cancer survivor just a few weeks post operation, I’m in. Let’s groove, ball-change and shuffle through this together. Register here

May 21-22, 2021 5 For The Fight Events (you can use any app to track and upload a screenshot of what you have done starting May 21)

  • The 5K For The Fight (with or without dance moves) 
  • The Lighthouse Ride: 20-minute scenic group Peloton ride in honor or memory of loved ones 
  • The Do 5: Get creative with anything you can think of whether you do 5, 50, or 500 of them! 

  1. You might just get your next great idea. Moving our bodies changes the way we think. We need to take care of our bodies and we were born to dance. Sedentary lives lead to sedentary, inactive thinking. 
  2. It’s a way to run or even dance with a customer or client, friend or family member from afar. We’ve not been able to join together for those massive events this year, have we? Lots of our life this year has been a solo act, but with the 5K For The Fight, you can ask a colleague or friend to join you and be your accountability partner. Just move your body: walk, jog, and add in a few dance moves along the way. I promise you’ll smile. 
  3. The time is irrelevant. We are not all meant to run the whole thing, my friend, I know this first hand. You can choose to join the leaderboard by uploading your results or skip it altogether. I will be dancing my way through it, so the time is just right. 
  4. Screen-free time with your loved ones. Kids of all ages love race bibs and you can print and pin it on them or simply hold it up at the end to snap a pic of the memory. The 5K For The Fight is a great way to introduce littles and bigs to the joy of strolling/meandering/dancing/running. Just move!
  5. It’s only €5/$5! An entry including a t-shirt shipped to your door is €25/$27. 5 For The Fight has 2,500 t-shirts for the first to register, so register soon! 100% of registrations, t-shirt sales and donations help hire more researchers

We have to get out of our head. I used ballet and breathing and Broadway dance. I’m inviting you to let go of worry and anxiety through the 5K For The Fight Challenge. I promise it will leave you smiling.

5 For The Fight

To learn more about 5 For The Fight, visit the official website.

Dr. Peter Lovatt // Dr. Peter Lovatt

Dr. Peter Lovatt, also known as Dr. Dance, specializes in the study of movement and dance. Before training as a psychologist, Peter was a professional dancer. He recently battled cancer with the grace of friends, family, cancer research, and by getting moving after surgery.

Peter writes about what it feels like to dance, and how the simple act of dancing improves lives. His mantra is “you move, you improve.”

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