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To the LGBTQIA+ Community of Qualtrics

It’s Pride Month! It’s time to pass you the mic, and we’re looking forward to celebrating with you. Every year you bring us celebration and education, growing the culture of inclusion within the Qualtrics team. This year you’ve established the direction of our movement: Pride has no Borders. And we’re with you. 

We see the challenge

You’ve set us on this path because it’s been another grueling year. While the year has held some beautiful moments, you’ve again been the subjects of targeted hate, of narrowing safe spaces, and expanding limitations on your ability to live with freedom and dignity from all layers of our global society. And it’s heavy. With all of these experiences, there must be times where it’s hard to imagine a stable future that you can rely on or look forward to. A future where it no longer feels like the entire world has its eyes trained on you. We see you carry all of this, AND. And the “usual.” Groceries. Family. Mortgage rates. Vacation. Climate change. Commutes. Bills. Birthdays. 

We see you waking up every day and choosing to pick yourselves up - to keep moving forward. To say we’re deeply in awe of you is to understate the feeling. Then, beyond all of that, you still choose to come and nurture an inclusive environment for yourselves and your peers at work. 

We see the opportunity

This year you chose the theme “Pride has no Borders.” You selected a message to remind yourselves, and those we share our story with, that Pride - and all it represents - is a global experience. There’s not a corner of the earth where the energy and hope during the moments of Pride doesn’t find resonance, echoing even into the spaces where LGBTQIA+ people are still unwelcome to be themselves.

By setting us on this path, you’ve given each of us the opportunity to consider:

  • How am I personally helping to break down barriers to broader inclusion of LGBTQIA+ voices both at work and outside of my professional life?
  • How can I personally contribute towards a more diverse and equitable world for LGBTQIA+ people?
  • How can I spend time educating myself over the course of the month of June to become more aware of the importance of Pride Month?
  • Am I using my voice and my abilities for the greater good of all marginalized communities?

These are questions that we’d invite everyone to consider because dedicated pursuit of inclusion is the only way to create it. 

We see your impact

Within the walls of our company, you persist in your commitment to making Qualtrics an inclusive space. You aren’t deterred by the world around you and refuse to allow the place we work to be anything other than welcoming. 

This year, you’ve brought back our sponsorship of the Pride Parade in Dublin, Seattle, and - for the first time ever - Salt Lake City. You’re opening your arms to the entire community at Qualtrics, inviting us to join in the celebration of Pride and of one another. We will be marching together with you, in celebration and remembrance. 

You’ve led us in building a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ members of our team. Throughout the month of June, members of the team are sharing their own stories of Pride around the world, and they’re allowing us to amplify their voices and views on the universality of human rights. 

The team is also setting the standard for what a welcoming world looks like, creating opportunities in our offices around the globe to take part in simple, joyful moments like “Pride Jeopardy,” a Pride Takeover on our Qualtrics Life accounts, the Pride variety show event in Dublin, and bringing Queer creators and stories to the forefront through the “Bring Your Own Queer” event. 

We see you

Every single day. You should be able to feel equally safe, welcome, and free to live your fullest life no matter where you are. Until then, we will continue to learn and work towards creating a space where the inclusion you experience exceeds the one provided to you by the world. 


Your Qualtrics Team

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