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Celebrating Black History Month 2022

Today marks the beginning of Black History Month in the US. At Qualtrics, we know that understanding history gives us context on the lived experiences of and injustices against people of color. Slavery in the United States and the Civil Rights movement are not distant events and their impacts are still very much felt today. It's critical that we understand as much as possible about this history and its impacts in order to be actively anti-racist individually and organizationally.

In 2021, we declared ourselves an actively anti-racist company. 2022 is our year of activation. How does a company activate its mission to be actively anti-racist? To begin, at Qualtrics we believe we all have a part to play in being an anti-racist organization. Because we are continuously working to become the destination workplace for all, we have set specific goals for inclusion and representation to ensure we continue to invest in recruitment partnerships that strengthen under-represented minority representation at Qualtrics, as well as continuously design and improve experiences that reduce the experience gap for our communities of color. In addition, we will elevate black voices and experiences to foster diversity and increase inclusion. 

One way we elevate the voices of our own internal communities is through MosaiQ. MosaiQ is our Q Group (employee resource group) with the charter of recruiting, retaining, and promoting talent of color, increasing allyhood and awareness, and influencing the behavior of Qualtrics. In that spirit, we want to share a few perspectives from our own MosaiQ members about Qualtrics's work to be actively anti-racist and remain DEI-focused as we develop our company: 

Sharon, Technical Account Manager: “Placing an emphasis on DEI initiatives and exemplifying anti-racist values are imperative steps for any company that wants to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. These efforts can improve a company’s reputation and overall influence. When companies engage in the promotion and implementation of DEI and anti-racism, society follows. Any company that takes advantage of building bridges between communities and providing opportunities to people from diverse backgrounds is a great company in my estimation.”


Christina, Manager, Solutions Engineering: “Being a woman of color in technology, that intersection has sometimes felt lonely. It certainly can take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being. I have also personally experienced the downside of a team devoid of diverse voices in a prior organization. Oftentimes we stuck to the status quo even when it wasn’t beneficial.

That said, it is really important to me that Qualtrics is an actively anti-racist company with DEI values because I feel a deeper sense of community and trust my voice is valued. That sense of community also drives confidence in me that I can bring more of my full self (and potential) to work.”



Abdi, Technical Solutions Specialist: “To simply be non-racist is not enough in the world we live in today. Policies built around systemic racism and discrimination severely impact BIPOC populations, especially in the workforce. To facilitate a more welcoming and empowering environment, we must all move towards being actively anti-racist. For Qualtrics to embody such values at its core is important to me. It's important to me because it moves our organization towards being more equitable. Qualtrics's brand is built around bettering experiences. Actions speak louder than words, and it makes me proud to be a part of an organization with such values at its core.” 


Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of how the Qualtrics team operates, and an understanding of history is key to our ability to take part in creating an inclusive company culture that exceeds the experience in the world around us. As a company, Qualtrics is committed to studying and addressing the impacts of racism within our organization and in our communities. We challenge ourselves to understand and correct any racial inequities we may discover within the company, even when that process may be uncomfortable or painful. 

Amplifying black voices extends beyond Black History Month, and you can expect to consistently see the stories of people of color throughout the year as part of our Qualtrics Life channels.

For more stories specifically from the MosaiQ team, stay tuned throughout the month of February as we kick off our year of action!

Manny is an alumnus of Winthrop University.  He started his career with Qualtrics in December of 2019 as a Sales Onboarding and Ramping Trainer and is now a Sales Onboarding Program Manager in addition to his role as Employee Resource Group Leader for MosaiQ.
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MosaiQ advances the careers, goals, and well-being of communities of color by intentionally and continuously attracting and engaging diverse talent, stimulating awareness around the need to amplify underrepresented voices, and cultivating belonging within our customer and employee experiences.

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