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Humans of Qualtrics: Berwin

MosaiQ elevates the voices and stories told by the Qualtrics team. They share these with us in the Humans of Qualtrics project. For our next Humans of Qualtrics story for Asian American and Pacific Islander History Month, we'd like you to meet Berwin.

Growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood in the suburban Chicagoland area, I always faced "racism", but never identified as so until later in life. From the constant slant eye or flat nose jokes, or being called the C**** word casually, I was left in silence or confused laughter because I didn't know how to react back then. To be honest, I still don't know how to respond as back in 2019 I was on vacation in Boston sitting at a park and an old gentleman saw me with my luggage told me to go back to my country. Sitting there, I was just stunned and I said nothing. To this day I still think about that moment and how I should've responded.

These are the internal conversations I've faced and know that others in the AAPI community encounter every day and I hope that folks will be able to share them instead of internalizing every instance forever. I know my parents have suffered so many hardships in life, and yet they've chugged along without even the slightest complaint expressed to me. I know now is no longer the time to ignore the hate that we've all endured for all these years. I've come to realize the importance of friendship in our community and how we have to appreciate each of our cultures for how similar and how different they are. As our community grows, we have to continue to step in to protect and nurture our cultures so we don't see them disappear from the hate dropped on us.

The picture for this story is the best udon in Boston: Yume Ga Arukara, which means "Because I have dreams"

Thank you for joining us to hear from the Humans of Qualtrics. You can explore the entire series through the "Topics" links below. We look forward to a future release of stories from other Humans of Qualtrics in the coming months.

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