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Qualtrics on the Shatter List for 2021

I am so very proud that Qualtrics has been honored for the fourth year running as a Women Tech Council Shatter List award recipient! 

The Shatter List recognizes local companies who are helping women shatter the glass ceiling and are doing it with process and policy. We all say that we care about diversity in technology, but research shows that good intentions alone will not create diverse, let alone inclusive, companies. Instead, the Women Tech Council Shatter List identifies and amplifies the efforts of companies in four key criteria: 

  • Executive engagement (active support from the CEO, executive team, and all leadership)
  • Company programming (currently has women in leadership executive positions and proactively implements programs to support women in technology)
  • Community investment (active participation with the broader community to learn from and share best practices regarding culture and inclusion)
  • Women's or D&I group (formal programs to support women internally)

To make the Shatter List, each company is evaluated and scored against hundreds of technology companies in those four areas. We celebrate each company selected for the 2021 Shatter List and are grateful to be one of these companies leading the way in gender equity in hiring, promotion, retention, and engagement.

As a woman engineering manager at Qualtrics, I know how lonely and challenging it can be as a member of an underrepresented group in technology. In 2016 I helped found Women’s Leadership Development at Qualtrics, a group of women and allies devoted to supporting and growing each woman at Qualtrics and bringing greater diversity into the Qualtrics family. 

In the last five years, we’ve grown to a group of five “Q Groups with different foci but a united purpose - to make Qualtrics a stronger company and stronger community through investments in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. We have executive sponsors, sure, but at its core we are groups of people from all departments and all levels who gather together to make Qualtrics - and our world - a better place for all people.

We’re seeing change! The momentum of formal programs and training established jointly by Qualtrics employees and executives, informal efforts, company-wide hiring goals, and a whole lot of love and hard work is making Qualtrics an even more embracing and diverse environment. We’re especially excited for the addition of seven new women executive leaders added to and promoted within the Qualtrics family over the past few months. We’ve seen the emotional and hiring impact of our whole company finishing an implicit bias course and set of follow-up activities. We measure and are seeing the gap close on how employees from majority and minority groups rate their experiences of fairness, inclusion, respect, and equity in the workplace. And, like we always say, we’re #justgettingstarted. 

Being recognized on the Women Tech Council Shatter List is one more piece of the puzzle, one more reinforcement that we’re on the right path and that we need to keep moving forward together, step by step. 

Jamie Morningstar // Engineering Leader - Schematization and Benchmarking

Jamie Morningstar is an alumnus of St. Mary’s College of Maryland and BYU. She started her career at American Electronic Warfare Associates. Jamie additionally has a burgeoning banjo career.

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