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There’s something for everyone in our Krakow office. Full of coffee aficionados, our Krakow team has discovered 6 different ways to make coffee using the specialty-grade coffee and espresso machines. Not to be outdone, the Krakow travel enthusiasts collect vacation magnets to display on the office fridge. If you live an active lifestyle, our bicycle storage room makes it easy to bike to work. You can even stay active during the day on one of our treadmill desks. Music lovers can play vinyl albums on an analog record player, while those with a competitive streak can join the board games fan group or play a few hands of Texas HoldEm’. With all the excitement, don’t forget to take some time to relax in a massage chair or dedicated chill out zone. 

Launched in Feb 2018, the Krakow office is located in the city center, just a 5 minute walk from the Main Market Square. Our teams in Krakow have worked on key products like the XM Mobile App and Online Reputation Management.

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Building a career as a Software Engineer in Kraków

In a super-connected world, cutting through the noise to find a company you want to work for can be incredibly challenging. Having trusted sources can oftentimes help you remain focused on your goals ...

By Qualtrics Life

Monika, Software Engineer, Krakow

I have always been a very ambitious person. I want to be the best at what I am doing and work with people that have passion for their work and are dedicated to personal growth and helping others to gr...

By Qualtrics Life

Why Michał chose to be an engineer at Qualtrics Krakow

I want to do cool things. Whatever I do I want others to enjoy the results of my work and what motivates me the most is knowing that my projects are being used not shelved. The Qualtrics XM Discover s...

By Qualtrics Life

The thrill of the code: Meet Gracjan, Software Support Engineer

I am a great enthusiast of improving, optimizing and automatizing. It brings me true joy to see growth and improvement in both my work environment and my private one. There is something really thrilli...

By Qualtrics Life

Growth, Experience, and Empathy — Maciej’s Qualtrics Story

I'm a person who loves harmony and I'd love it if everything had its place, time, form, and meaning. That is of course not the case with 99.99% of things in the world, but every such one is inspiring ...

By Qualtrics Life

Aleksander, Software Engineer and Almost Police Officer

My “why” is to change the world and the future – to improve peoples’ lives, financial status, or anything else that might be important to them. To do that, I need to learn a lot of different t...

By Qualtrics Life

Lyudmyla, Software Engineer, describes Qualtrics in three words: experience, growth, creativity

For me, personal growth and success is very important – it shapes your character, allows you to explore your strengths, and be better than you were yesterday. One of the most crucial things here is ...

By Qualtrics Life

Michał, Manager, Software Engineering: Never stop learning

We spend the majority of our adult lives working. It's very important for me to spend this time well, build something awesome, have fun and grow as a person as much as possible. Qualtrics constantly p...

By Qualtrics Life

Creator at heart: Arek, Software Engineer

When I was eight years old my favorite activity was constructing new labyrinths. As I grew up I also got into computer games, chess, and Rubik's cubes. Despite spending twelve years in music school, I...

By Qualtrics Life

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