Our Munich office is home to around 40 people working on teams like Sales, Customer Success, and Delivery. Located in the heart of the city, our Munich office is conveniently situated within walking distance of the university and the city center. Need a bit of fresh air? Walk over to the Englishcher Garten, one of the largest inner-city parks in the world. Surrounded by plenty of great restaurants and bars, there are some great spots for happy hour close by.

Our Munich team loves food and camaraderie. We have a baker in the office who regularly brings in homemade goodies, and we’ve planned fun events like Burger Fridays and a Christmas Market. Full of explorers, the team has been known to get together for city tours, sledding, or to head to the mountains to enjoy nature. We are involved in our Q-mmunity with local Women’s Leadership Development (WLD) and Working Parents groups.

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Regina, Field Marketing Manager: Choosing a Creative Career

I like to discover new things such as books, new places, interesting people, new trends, art, etc. and I want to learn constantly. This is why I am in marketing. You need to be always open to changes ...

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Why Qualtrics - Kimberly Kappler-Dunaier - Account Executive - Munich, Germany

In the past, before changing to a sales career (outside of Qualtrics), I was actually an analyst for guest experience at the Hilton Headquarters, working with a Qualtrics competitor. It was just so...

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Why Qualtrics - Yvonne Peichl - Account Executive - Munich, Germany

I have always loved working in international environments with people from different cultures and countries. In addition, cloud computing has fascinated me because of its strength of innovation, its s...

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Why Qualtrics - Mario Schmidt - Account Executive - Munich, Germany

The psychological component of doing business really interests me. I studied Management and Economics in University, with a focus on Marketing, Strategy & Leadership and Business Informatics. My f...

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Why Qualtrics - Isabel Schmidt - Account Executive - Munich, Germany

What is your 'why'? How does Qualtrics connect with your 'why'? Things usually come easy to me and I don't have to give 100% to get good results. But I get quickly bored in such an environment. That ...

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‘Why Qualtrics’ – Kerstin B., Research Services - Account Executive

Qualtrics is 5 years old in Europe this year! To celebrate, we’ll be showcasing some of the Qualtrics people who have made Qualtrics EMEA what it is today with stories from those who’ve experience...

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