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Topic: Sales Development Representative

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All in one place: Teresa shares her career as a Sales Development Representative at Qualtrics

I wanted to move abroad (again). After living a few years in France, I went back to my home country Spain, but I missed living abroad, learning about different cultures and languages and meeting peopl...

By Qualtrics Life

Elena shares her Qualtrics Sales Development Representative career

I am a very focused and results-oriented person. I always try to offer the best of me, to become not only a better professional but also a better person. Feeling fulfilled with my job makes me happy, ...

By Qualtrics Life

Eugenio, Emerging Sales Representative, talks about his three motivations at Qualtrics

I’m driven by 3 things in my career: the ability to provide value to people around me, challenges, and growth opportunities. In Sales at Qualtrics, you need to solve business challenges for organisa...

By Qualtrics Life

Charlotte, Sales Development Representative: Home from the start

I love communication. I know that it might sound like a cliche at first but it's true. I love communicating with people and understanding the way they work. Finding that sweet spot of similarities and...

Mike, Sales Development Representative, talks culture, Dublin, and pool games

Qualtrics connects with my "Why" because this company gives me the opportunity to work in an international environment, in a great city like Dublin. It also helped me discover a new culture, a new cou...

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Meaning and impact everyday life and work: Sandra, Sales Development Representative

I am a very passionate person. Everything that I do in life is driven by my passions: friends, family, job and hobbies. I am fascinated by life and I am convinced that every person has to have an impa...

By Qualtrics Life

Fostering Relationships: Matt's Internship as a Sales Development Representative

I am passionate about making people happy and having a good time. Qualtrics has helped me succeed at both of my passions because our product genuinely helps people's businesses and makes their lives e...

By Qualtrics Life

Planning to Lead: Adaleigh, Sales Development Representative Intern

I am passionate about pursuing a career in software sales. Qualtrics bets on young people more than any other company I've ever come across. Additionally, my long term goal is to have a leadership pos...

By Qualtrics Life

Big Dreams: Madison on Her Career as a Sales Development Representative

Before I accepted my position at Qualtrics, I would always get asked, “Madison, why are you moving away?" So today I thought I would share with you, “Why Qualtrics?” For those of you that kno...

By Qualtrics Life

Daniel, Sales Development Representative, Focused on Future and Family

My 'why' is my family, 100%. I do everything with an eye on the future, making sure that we will be set up well and I can lead and give them everything they deserve. By being the leader in Experien...

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Humans of Qualtrics: Rashmika

MosaiQ is highlighting the diverse stories of its members throughout May for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month with the Humans of Qualtrics project. Rashmika shared her story of persevera...

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Why Qualtrics - Pia Kottwitz - German Sales Development Representative - Dublin, Ireland

I always wanted to work in an environment that challenges the status quo. At Qualtrics, we do that every day. We don’t accept what used to be “normal” as our standard and are building a complete...

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