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Topic: University of Pennsylvania

Latinx / National Hispanic Heritage Month with Qualtrics

Today marks the beginning of Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month in the US. Throughout this month we are celebrating the multiple identities of and intersectionality in our communities, and honoring the st...

By Farren Roper

Memorable experiences with Melissa, Principal Customer Success Consultant

I have always been drawn to the hospitality industry, where I began my career, because of its ability to create memorable experiences for people. I left the industry not because I didn't love it anymo...

By Qualtrics Life

Carlo, Technical Account Manager, Gaining Skills for Any Career

Carlo is currently growing his career as a technical account manager (TAM). Working with some of our largest clients, the TAM teams are focused on ensuring that their clients are maxing out the potent...

By Qualtrics Life

Claire, EX Product Manager, On Why Qualtrics is Where She's Learning

Claire is a Product Manager for our EX product line and is based out of our Seattle HQ. As a Product Manager, her focus for EX is on action planning, digital intercepts, and iQ integrations with EX. ...

By Qualtrics Life

A Career with Culture, Challenge, and Contribution - Why Xiu Ling Chose Qualtrics and Customer Success

I was coming out of a year-long career break - post a role as a consultant with McKinsey in Asia - during which I had travelled around the world. During this, I had the time and mental space to evalua...

By Qualtrics Life

Why Qualtrics - Russ Laraway - VP of People Operations

Do Something that Matters, for Something that Matters in the World. One simple piece of career advice I give lots of folks is to “do something that matters for something that matters in the world....

By Qualtrics Life

"Why Qualtrics" - Samantha M., CX XM Scientist

Samantha’s own educational experience influenced her career decision to be in education, then her experiences in education led her… to Qualtrics. Samantha grew up with an opportunity to attend ...

By Qualtrics Life

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