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Campbell George is a contributor to the Qualtrics blog.

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20 books HR leaders should read in 2020

Updated November 15th, 2019 The Ultimate Employee Experience Reading List Need a shortlist of the best reads to inspire you in 2020? We’ve got you covered – from seminal classics to the latest t...

6min read

The employee experience (EX) statistics you should know in 2020

The most successful companies understand that in order to deliver amazing products and customer experiences, it all starts with your people and their experiences at work. There's a wealth of employ...

3min read

10 videos all customer experience professionals should watch

Whether you choose to learn from the wisdom of market legends, your own experience (and maybe a few mistakes along the way), requests from customers, or the successes of others, remember that there’...

6min read

10 videos all employee experience professionals should watch

A business’s success begins and end with its employees. As they are the ones who shape customer and therefore brand experience, taking care of employees means taking care of the company. Employees a...

7min read

4 ways CX & EX have more in common than you think

When companies devote more effort to improving the experiences had by customers and employees, the results speak for themselves. 84% of organizations that prioritize CX report an increase in revenue. ...

6min read

18 Customer Experience Stats to Know in 2019

A product is a product is a product is a product. Except when it’s more than that. In a market inundated with choices regarding every product imaginable, it’s no longer enough for companies to ...

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