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10 videos all customer experience professionals should watch

Whether you choose to learn from the wisdom of market legends, your own experience (and maybe a few mistakes along the way), requests from customers, or the successes of others, remember that there’s no one key to success in CX.

Here’s our selection of the best videos out there where some of the leading innovators and thinkers present their lessons on the customer experience.

Hear from the biggest brands focusing on experience to truly change the game

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1. Lessons from TV’s most notorious customer experience

He may not be dishing out soup the way he used to, but his bite-sized portions of customer experience wisdom are as potent as ever. Accommodating both Elaine and Jerry customers can be a challenge, but when you couple a great product with great customer service, you’ll have a base for success to build on for years to come.

Watch the mini playlist on YouTube here.

2. On being wrong

One of the most common mistakes made on both a company and individual level is the assumption of being right, the default for many of us. However, re-examining areas where previously no fault was thought to be found is a useful exercise in identifying areas for improvement. In creating a customer experience, it’s the customer’s opinion that outweighs that of the experience creator.

Watch on YouTube here.

3. Good customer service versus customer experience

The tides of industry are changing and a new factor in doing business is gaining ever more prominence as companies realize that the only thing better than a satisfied customer is one that’s loyal too. Polishing every touchpoint between company and customer is key. By transforming a simple exchange of goods and services into a carefully planned interaction, leaving nothing to chance, companies create a space that customers will want to visit again and again.

Watch on YouTube here.

4. Choice, happiness, and spaghetti sauce

The customer is always right, yes? Well, what if the customer doesn’t know what he or she wants? Sometimes, asking isn’t enough. Success can be found in anticipating consumer taste and catering to it without them even asking for it. Pointing to the example of Prego opening up the spaghetti sauce to a new palette, Malcolm Gladwell emphasizes keenly that success lies in catering to the individual, which, of course, tends to have universal application.

Watch on YouTube here.

5. Magician reveals the grandest illusion surrounding customer service

The sad truth is that being good is often not good enough. The main experiences the customers evangelize are the awful and the exceptional. Merely meeting industry standards isn’t enough to earn loyalty and brand ambassadors. Finding your brand of magic can be a difficult pursuit, but once you get it right, your customers aren’t going anywhere.

Watch on YouTube here.

6. How sampling transformed music

Take something customers love and build on it. Great ideas don’t just appear once, they’re rediscovered and repurposed to serve a wide palette of tastes. Identifying and acting on trends that boost customer loyalty is key to consistently establishing market relevance. Make your brand of music one that customers will keep on repeat.

Watch on YouTube here.

7. Steve Jobs on customer experience

From the beginning, Apple has designed products with the user’s experience in mind. It’s what set them apart in the 80’s and it’s what still drives their innovation today. This early look into Steve Jobs’ philosophy regarding customer experience gives an important taste of the formula for success that Apple has used to become one the most successful companies in history.

Watch on YouTube here.

8. What consumers want

As the focus of the market at large has shifted from commodities to products to services to experiences, one virtue has been crowned king above all others: authenticity. This becomes tricky when catering to a market of millions, but the most successful brands do it, and so can yours.

Watch on YouTube here.

9. How great customer experiences keep JetBlue soaring

The airline industry has a reputation for disregarding customer experience in favor of cost-cutting and profit-boosting measures that come at a cost to their customers. JetBlue’s mission from the beginning has been to stand apart from their competitors by placing customers in the captain’s seat of their experience, from check-in to baggage claim.

Watch on YouTube here.

10. How to have a good conversation

Chick-fil-a, one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in American is known for more than just good food. Their employees make every customer feel welcome and appreciated, creating an experience customers enthusiastically want to repeat. When that dedication to exceptional interpersonal skills is applied at a company-wide level, across every customer touchpoint, companies establish relationships with the customer that go beyond just the (albeit tasty) product offered.

Watch on YouTube here.

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Hear from the biggest brands focusing on experience to truly change the game