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Emily Geisen

Author Bio

Emily Geisen in a Senior Experience Management Scientist at Qualtrics, focused on improving data quality and reducing respondent burden.

Articles written by Emily Geisen

Improve data quality by using a commitment request instead of attention checks

Attention checks are a common method researchers use to catch unmotivated respondents who may harm data quality by not reading questions carefully, speeding through surveys, skipping questions, answer...

13min read

Why cognitive testing reaps ROI for market researchers

Originally published on Imagine that the local dairy farmers in your area want to know how much milk people drink in a week. So they send out a questionnaire that asks, “In a typical d...

11min read

The 4-step process to improve usability of web surveys

Originally published on Are your surveys designed to be invisible? They should be - the less a respondent has to think about your survey, the more likely they are to complete it. Here...

8min read

How to reduce bias in research design with cognitive testing

Eliminating bias in study questions, especially when we are not aware of it, is challenging but essential. Why? Biased questions lead to inconsistent data, offensive questions, lower response rates an...

5min read

Tips for measuring behavioral frequency

We often need to measure the frequency of behaviors such as how often someone goes grocery shopping, how many appliances someone has purchased in the past year, or how many times someone has gone to t...

9min read

How to Ask Sensitive Survey Questions

Ideally, we could avoid asking respondents about sensitive topics that may make them feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. In certain situations, though, asking sensitive questions is necessary to get th...

13min read