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Topher Mitchell

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Topher is the creator of Qualtrics’ Value Advisory function, which has helped over 1,000 XM professionals to link their programs to financial outcomes. Currently leading the Center of Value, he pioneers reliable methods for securing budget, tracking value, and quantifying impact of experience-related investments. With a passion for education, Topher frequently delivers workshops and training sessions on the subject.

Articles attributed to Topher Mitchell

To be a change maker in CX, focus on business outcomes

Customer experience is good for business. You believe that, and so does your leadership team. Unfortunately, many CX programs still have a difficult time getting headcount and resources. Leadership gi...

By Jim Tincher, Topher Mitchell

Calculating your Experience Value at Risk

All organizations have experience gaps, but they often don’t know how costly they are. This compounds with the fact that many XM professionals struggle to put hard dollars to the value of experience...

By Topher Mitchell

Creating value with CX is a team sport

Achieving effective-cross functional collaboration can be tricky, but it's much needed in order to create a CX program that delivers value to your customers and to the business Picture this: You ar...

By Abby Schlatter, Topher Mitchell

The critical role of employee technology experience during times of uncertainty

During a recent conversation with an IT leader, they shared how their corporate priorities are evolving in response to the current economic environment. Previously laser focused on financial metrics s...

By Matt Burgon, Topher Mitchell

How to Optimize Your Research to Navigate Business Uncertainty

Around the world, business uncertainty is up. The global economy has shifted and leadership teams are adjusting the way they make investments. This means that the traditional approach of prioritizing ...

By Qualtrics Value Advisory & Gradient Metrics, Topher Mitchell