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What a world-class Brand Experience program looks like

Which brands come to mind when you think “world-class”? The New York Yankees? Apple? Patagonia? BMW?

There’s no reason why your brand can’t be next up on that list. Marquee brands are built, not born. They’re forged by teams of smart people who have the right tools and support to turn an idea into a lifestyle.

Characteristics of Successful Brands

World-class brands usually share these characteristics:

Insight into their audience

Successful brands know who their buyers are, and aren’t. They understand buyer pain points and relate easily to their needs, values and mode of communication.

A clear brand mission

When a brand knows its mission it has a purpose. When it has a purpose it finds an audience. A concentrated brand is a potent brand. When a brand has a clear mission, it knows what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to.


Social media, influencers and media fragmentation have erased the days when brands could be all things to all people. Buyers know when a brand is just going through the motions or opportunistically latching onto causes just to make a buck

Visibility into brand performance

Brands that fly blind will crash into a mountainside. Markets, competitors and buyers change so quickly that if you can’t read them, you won’t know if you’ve lost your path. If your brand has no instrumentation to track its performance against competitors, it can’t know where to improve, or even that it needs to.


Winning brands are consistent. They consistently deliver great experiences and convey strength in their purpose and values. Brands that can’t be consistent get labeled as promise breakers and don’t last.

World-Class Brands Use World-Class Tools

World-class brands also use similar tools to grow and intertwine themselves into the culture. For a modern brand to have insight, a mission, authenticity, visibility and consistency, it needs to manage its brand experience with digital tools.

World-class brands use world-class tools

World-class brands have access to reliable insights that are actionable and embedded throughout the organization.

They are empowered to grow their brands by delivering experiences that resonate with both customers and employees.

They build their reputation with on-target messaging and delivering on every brand promise at every touchpoint.

World-class brands have the knowledge to build emotional connections, understand market conditions and competitors, and know how they stack up at every stage in the brand funnel.

They can predict how marketing will impact their brand, and respond quickly to new opportunities by activating the entire organization on the fly.

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Brand building has evolved with technology

The work of building a brand was once limited to mass media, endorsements, and promotional events. But in the digital age, creating and building a world-class brand experience is about telling the right narrative to the right people via the right channels.

Today’s world-class brands harness technology to connect with distinct audiences efficiently and cost-effectively in real-time.

When you do brand experience right, you become the brand that other brands want to be.

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Aleksandra Polovina

Aleksandra Polovina is a contributor to the Qualtrics blog.

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