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Experience Management

Healing social inequality: How to start the conversation

The only way governments can dismantle the systems, policies, and procedures that perpetuate systemic racism is by strengthening the social capital within our communities. Social issues such as rac...

By Vince Vu

How to develop your people for the future of work.

How do you get that competitive edge, boost employee retention and develop all levels of talent for the new world of work? This is how... The world of work is changing. New business models, increase...

By Lynly Schambers Lenox

Form Design: 20 tips on how to design a form that brings in conversions

Featured on almost every website available to common users, web forms are simply an element of web design built into the page that allows for the collection of information from the users. Check out th...

By Andrian Valeanu

Qualtrics Acquires Clarabridge, the Industry Leader in Omnichannel Conversational Analytics

UPDATE, October 1, 2021: We have closed our acquisition of Clarabridge, bringing the industry leader in omnichannel conversational analytics to the world’s #1 experience management platform. Read mo...

By Zig Serafin - CEO

How experiences have changed for the better (plus the 8 we’ll never let go of)

We’ve had to change a lot in the past year, but some of the changes we’ve experienced have been for the better. From remote meetings to streaming workouts, virtual experiences mean more people can...

By Qualtrics

How three financial service providers are using XM to improve their customer and employee experience

One of the headline findings from our recent study into the state of customer experience in financial services in Asia Pacific (APAC’s) was that, despite relatively high levels of consumer satisfact...

By Harish Agarwal

Meet our powerful experience design tool - DesignXM

As organizations around the world look to re-think the experiences they deliver moving forward, we’re excited to announce DesignXM — a powerful new research and testing engine for experience desig...

By Qualtrics

Meet the new and improved XM Community experience

This week, our 20,000-member XM Community will have access to a fresh look and feel, and functionality that makes it easier than ever to connect with your peers, make your voice heard on product impro...

By Qualtrics

The bumper collection of 20 experience design books

If you’re new to experience design or a seasoned expert, our curated list is packed full of our favorite books that give you outstanding UX inside information. User experience (UX) is not just on...

By Qualtrics

The Future of College Sports: New Study Reveals How Athletic Directors and Administrators Can Enhance the College Football Experience

The future of sports is facing an experience transformation. The events of 2020 forced leagues to think differently and create new ways to engage with fans and staff. Externally, the fan experience...

By Qualtrics

3 times experience design delivered breakthrough results

Pinterest: Understanding and responding to creators’ needs In internet years, Pinterest is a veteran. Founded in 2009, its first incarnation was as a place to ‘pin’ or save things you found on ...

By Qualtrics

What is experience design?

How can you put people at the heart of your design decisions to elicit an emotional response about your products, services, brand, or workplace? Our guide to experience design will help you understand...

By Qualtrics

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