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Few industries are as demanding as the healthcare industry. Changes in regulatory requirements and best practices constantly leave practitioners scrambling for solutions to help them keep up with the times and manage their patients’ needs.


To help medical professionals keep up with their ever-changing field, Greenway Health provides software and management solutions for healthcare clinicians across the United States. And Chris Elton, Greenway Health’s market research manager, makes up a one-person research team for a company with over 80,000 demanding customers. That’s a lot of pressure. Because he has to be sure that fresh data and feedback are pumping regularly throughout the company, Elton turned to Qualtrics Research Suite.


Recently, in reaction to industry changes, Greenway Health tasked Chris with getting the customer input needed to revamp the company’s product offerings and marketing campaigns. With the flexibility to drive his own research, quickly collect data and run conjoint analyses, Chris delivered actionable insights to company leaders in a matter of weeks.


And the results?


With the ability to listen to feedback and develop products that truly addressed their customers’ new slate of needs, Greenway Health gained over a million dollars in revenue growth in just two months.