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Market Research

Flexible market research services — which approach is right for you?

If you’re looking to get started on a market research project in the coming months, you’ll need to start planning what services you need to bring in to support you. Here’s a quick guide to the different approaches you can take when bringing in an external vendor.

At Qualtrics, our Research Services team handles a large number of projects every year from ad testing and product naming studies to market segmentation and academic research.

And no two projects are ever the same.

First, there’s an organization’s aims for each project, but then the different levels of support they need. While some companies have a full team of researchers and just need support sourcing a panel, others have little or no research function in-house and instead require end-to-end support.

Do you need the supermarket or the restaurant approach?

Broadly there are two main routes to take when embarking on any new research project — think of it as the difference between going to a supermarket vs going to a restaurant.

In a supermarket, you pick up individual ingredients, ready to take back home, add to the ingredients you’ve already got in the store cupboard and prepare a meal yourself.

Go to a restaurant on the other hand, and you’re arriving for the finished meal. The restaurant will do all the leg work for you — choose the recipe, pick the ingredients, prepare them, and deliver the finished result to your table.

That’s exactly how it works at Qualtrics, too (except you’re getting vital market research, not a meal at the end of it).

Our Research Services team has specialists in:

  • Survey programming
  • Translations
  • Panel sourcing
  • List distributions
  • Incentive management
  • Reporting
  • Data Analysis

Many of our customers, including companies like Yamaha, pick and choose a handful of services to supplement their internal resources and we then work together to deliver the project.

Other companies — those with less mature research functions in-house or those who need to get breakthrough insights quickly but don’t have the capacity internally — choose instead to hand over the project for our team to manage from start to finish.

Whatever approach works best for your organization, our team of experts is on hand to support every step of the way.

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