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Online tools, strategies, and editing software for writers

Writing is a wonderful hobby for those who need to scratch that creative itch. Through self-expression and creativity, writers stretch their minds and imagination with each word. But writing, whether it's fiction or nonfiction, is also hard work and takes time and effort. To make this work a little easier, there are many different online resources and tools that writers can employ in their writing process.


Airstory's drag-and-drop document-builder makes collaboration easier and empowers teams to draft and revise work together remotely.


Designed for Mac and iOS users, Bear is a versatile writing and note-taking platform that features a distraction-free mode and efficient hashtag-based organization.


This popular graphic design platform allows users to create custom visuals, including book covers and social media posts. These graphics can be very important in the presentation and promotion of your writing work.


A Web app created to assist with brainstorming, Coggle helps writers visually structure their thoughts and ideas with mind maps.


Inspiration can happen anywhere, and with Evernote, you can get your ideas, images, and audio clips organized in one simple tool.


This stripped-down writing program foregoes the bells and whistles to allow you to focus on the writing work that is important to you.

Google Docs

Real-time collaboration is possible and easier than ever with device-independent access to this word-processing platform. Google Docs is a great choice for individual and group projects alike.


Grammarly offers spelling, grammar, and readability feedback to writers and can help to improve the quality of written work.

Hemingway App

The Hemingway app helps you simplify your writing by drawing attention to complex sentences and making suggestions for improvement.


This multi-faceted manuscript editing software acts as a grammar-checker, style editor, and writing assistant, refining your written work.

The Most Dangerous Writing App

This tool is indeed the most terrifying writing tool. It deletes your progress if you stop typing for too long, making it a powerful motivational tool for writers who need to buckle down and complete a draft.


Scrivener is specifically designed for writers and can assist with organization, editing, formatting, and so much more.


One of the most well-known task managers available today, Todoist is great for prioritizing your to-do list.


Toggl's project management platform offers users the ability to track the time they spend on writing tasks, which can improve productivity and help you manage deadlines.


This visual tool is perfect for project management and organizing writing assignments.

Microsoft OneNote

Use this as a depository for all of your lists, ideas, and plans. It's an organizational note-taking suite that allows for real-time collaboration and synchronization across your devices.


Organize your writing ideas with visual display boards using this tool.


Connecting across different workspaces is easier with Notion. This tool could be especially helpful when a larger team is involved in a writing project.


Search for words using this online reference that offers definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and translations from various sources.


This user-friendly app saves your articles and videos for offline reading, which can be useful during the research phase of a writing project.

Power Thesaurus

This community-driven writing tool allows you to search for synonyms easily.


Check your work for plagiarism using this tool to avoid inadvertent over-borrowing from other sources.


Write, edit, and export your book for publication. This tool is unique because it was designed with book production in mind.


Used to track digital habits, RescueTime is a time-tracking tool that offers insight into how you spend your time and suggests what you can do to be more productive.


With a full-screen writing interface, this lightweight resource creates a quiet environment for writers who need to focus on their words.


Simple and effective, this online word tracker counts your words and characters, helping writers to stay within a word count limit or reach a required minimum word count.


This book creation software allows you to effortlessly arrange your manuscript, notes, and plot using an intuitive visual plot grid tool.


YWriter is a piece of software that helps writers organize their works. It was designed by an experienced writer and programmer and is free to use.

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