Survey Marketo Lists and Contacts with Qualtrics Marketo Integration



The Qualtrics-Marketo integration enables organizations to distribute Qualtrics surveys to Marketo lists helping move more customers down and through the conversion funnel.

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The Qualtrics – Marketo integration enables customers to seamlessly send personalized Qualtrics surveys to Marketo contact lists through Marketo. Using this integration, marketers can uncover key insights about prospects and customers at each stage of the marketing funnel, leading to higher conversion and renewal rates.


Improved Processes

Pinpoint customer needs and incorporate customer feedback into marketing and sales processes.


Actionable Insights

Understand where your customer/prospect is in the funnel and get insights into how you can help your customers progress at any touch point.


Responsive Design

Surveys are automatically formatted to look great on any device, regardless of screen size.


Ease of use

Qualtrics’ wide range of question types and survey flows expand the available options for soliciting feedback at each stage of the sales funnel.


The Qualtrics – Marketo integration is simple. When you’re ready to distribute your survey, you’ll be able to see and select Marketo lists alongside Qualtrics panels. Select the Marketo list you want to survey, and Qualtrics will generate personalized survey links for each member on the list and send those links to a Marketo custom field that you define.


Features & Benefits

  • Send surveys to your Marketo contact lists directly from Qualtrics.
  • Generate unique links for each member of your Marketo list.
  • Improve the performance of campaigns
  • Eliminate survey overload with your customers by distributing all your surveys through Marketo.

Deploying the integration