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ETX for RISE with SAP ETX for RISE with SAP


ETX for RISE with SAP

Provide early warning of critical issues and track meaningful change. A holistic solution to capture critical feedback from key stakeholders.

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Too many transformation projects are doomed from the start. Projects rely on critical support from a wide range of stakeholders – sponsors, management, project team, IT, and end-users – but often struggle to find it. Projects frequently suffer from requirements that don’t align with expectations. The larger, more complex, and cost-intensive a project is, the more likely it becomes “too big to fail”. When projects do finally make it to implementation, they may still never reach user acceptance.

Companies must ensure their stakeholders are sufficiently motivated, enabled, and can see their needs are taken into consideration. sovanta’s ETX for RISE with SAP Solution ensures all phases of an S/4 project are fully informed by stakeholder feedback, increasing communication, transparency, and alignment while decreasing scope creep and inefficient spending. Our solution keeps your project on track with early warning of potential weak user adoption, project delays, cost-overruns, and team burnout. Throughout all project phases and at each important moment of your transformation project, ETX for RISE with SAP allow you to identify and act upon the concerns and issues that really matter.

Ensure the success of your Transformation Project

Working within the RISE with SAP Adoption Framework and using the SAP Activate methodology, our solution includes the tools to collect, synthesize, interpret and analyze your experience and operational data.

  • Aggregate information with intuitive dashboards aligned with project touchpoints; allow decision-makers to evaluate the actual situation, take appropriate action, and measure the effects of the actions taken.
  • Our solution also includes best practices for meaningful two-way communication with stakeholders.
  • Gain immediate insights, with solution activation and enablement in days, not weeks or months.

Outcomes Delivered

  • Ensure your transformation is successful and accepted
  • Capture critical stakeholder feedback and evaluate it within established, evidence-based KPIs
  • Identify risk early to give decision-makers the information and time they need to react

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Early Warning System

Is your project within time, scope, and budget? Is it headed in the right direction? Will your users adopt it? How will you answer these questions in time to act on them?

Typical project management KPIs focus solely on project status, effectively deaf to your organizational experience, existing pain points, and your transformation’s underlying vision. ETX for Rise with SAP supports your decision-making with critical signals and insights from your own team, the people who best know your transformation and your larger organization.

All Feedback Included

Don’t risk misinterpretation of data through the hierarchical chain. ETX for Rise with SAP allows you to evaluate all stakeholder feedback in its original form so you can act from a holistic understanding of your project and team.

What You Get

You receive:

  • An out of the box solution
  • Pre-configured, role-specific surveys
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Communication package with best practices for addressing stakeholders

An out-of-the-box solution

Our ETX for SAP RISE standard solution is built according to the Accelerate Project Methodology, a part of the RISE Adoption Framework, and runs within your Qualtrics XM instance. We support solution enablement and configuration (UI look & feel, templated stakeholder data upload), getting you running in days.

Pre-configured surveys and intuitive dashboards

Pre-configured, role-specific surveys for each key touchpoint across all phases of the transformation project. Intuitive dashboards that bring all necessary information together, which allow decision makers to act with all relevant information at hand.

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Solution Details

ETX for Rise with SAP by sovanta requires purchase of a Qualtrics ETX license. You receive the standard out-of-the-box ETX for SAP solution, and three days of configuration support for the price of 35,000 EUR per transformation project. If customers would like to use our solution for additional projects, our licensing model will scale. Additional services such as full-service support, data analysis, and further customization are available on request.

sovanta will provide three days of configuration support to enable the customer to deliver project success. Further support from sovanta is available via our support email at Any Qualtrics support issues can be directed to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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