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Korn Ferry DE&I Compass Korn Ferry DE&I Compass

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Korn Ferry DE&I Compass

Find out where and how to optimize your DE&I approach

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Korn Ferry’s DE&I Compass is ideal for organizations that want to make decisions based on data and facts, not long-held bias. All too often organizations rush into building a DE&I program that addresses symptoms but not the root cause.

It provides an instant snapshot of your company’s DE&I maturity, so you can gauge whether you’re getting diversity, equity and inclusion right. You’ll be able to address the root cause of issues, not just tackle short- term symptoms.

This isn’t just a feedback or measurement tool. You’ll get access to the combined power of Qualtrics’ powerful cloud solution with Korn Ferry’s DE&I expert consultants to design a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization that will let you continually improve experiences for your people.

This gives you:

  • A clear view of how you’re performing across five strategic DE&I dimensions
  • Scalable surveys with benchmarked questions from Korn Ferry’s world-leading normative database
  • Real-time reporting with intuitive dashboards to accelerate program actions
  • Key trends and easy-to-use gap analysis reporting for important demographics (including gender, age, and ethnicity)
  • Analysis of open text comments so you can hear in their own words what matters most to your people
  • Automated and advanced analytics to enable rapid and smart decisions
  • Analysis and recommendations from Korn Ferry DE&I experts

Outcomes Delivered

  • Access the combined power of world-leading technology, research and insight
  • Compare your organization to the external market using built-in Korn Ferry benchmarks
  • Quickly identify trends through simple gap analysis reporting for key demographics including gender, age and ethnicity

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Easily find and close DE&I experience gaps

You’ll be able to pinpoint experience gaps across demographic groups which is key to uncovering issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion. The Korn Ferry DE&I Compass has a turnkey dashboard enabling you to quickly and easily drill down into the data.

Automated insights

Real-time reporting with intuitive dashboards gives quick access to insights and accelerates how quickly you can take action to improve.

Powered by the best employee experience platform from Qualtrics, the Korn Ferry DE&I Compass takes the pulse of your organization via an online employee survey and measures your maturity on five strategic dimensions:

  1. Compliance
  2. Awareness
  3. Talent Integration
  4. Operations Integration
  5. Market Integration

And because driving real change requires both behavioral inclusion (mindsets, skillsets, relationships) and structural inclusion (structures, processes, practices), our approach incorporates both perspectives across each dimension – giving you more than just a measurement tool, but a system of action.


1. Compliance

The quality and depth of infrastructure, capabilities and behaviors necessary to identify DE&I risks.

2. Awareness

How much leaders and employees are aware of and committed to the value of DE&I with accompanying governance and accountabilities​.

3. Talent integration

The extent an organization has integrated DE&I into their talent systems and leaders and employees display inclusive behaviors.

4. Operations integration

How well the organization leverages its diversity in an inclusive way to achieve bottom-line impact.

5. Market integration

How successfully the organization embeds DE&I into its customer experience.

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