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TI People EXI Experience Intelligence Solutions TI People EXI Experience Intelligence Solutions

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TI People EXI Experience Intelligence Solutions

Revolutionize your understanding of your employees’ day to day experiences of work

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Employee Experience

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TI People


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The EXI (Employee Experience Intelligence) is a powerful solution that can revolutionize your understanding of your employees’ day to day experiences of work.

Using TI People’s proprietary experience centric framework, employees are surveyed about key interactions in their experience, from their perspective.

The results are then available in an intuitive dashboard, allowing you to find, prioritize, and act on first-hand experience data in order to improve experience at your organization.

  • Understand the experience across all segments and across the end-to-end lifecycle 
  • Flexible measurement of sub-sets of experiences within a consistent framework
  • Deep-dive into the specific experience of frontline managers 
  • Uncover areas of friction (interactions with processes, tools, leaders, etc)
  • Measure experience improvement over time

Outcomes Delivered

  • EX Framework: Helps you assess the ecosystem of interactions your employees have across human, digital and physical touchpoints
  • EX Measurement Logic: Customizable survey item library with triggering, branching & scoping
  • EX Dashboard: Visualize, prioritize, benchmark and justify investments 
  • EX Analysis & Benchmarking: Automated analysis encompassing internal and external benchmarking with weighted index scores, driver analysis etc
  • EX Support: the EXI portal provides training, communication tools, the survey and measurement tool and a dedicated client success director to support you in running the EXI effectively

Category Tags

EXI Navigator

EXI Navigator’s proprietary experience framework helps you capture the most relevant experience data. Identify underperforming moments and those with highest impact on the overall experience. Pinpoint the performance of human, digital, or physical points of interaction that make or break experiences.

The dashboard reveals experience performance at the overall, stage and moment levels. Built-in analysis with external and internal benchmarking scores, weighted index scores, and driver analysis informs prioritization. Drill-down capability provides additional information including experience attributes, touchpoint performance, and sentiment analysis.

To ensure your critical talent enjoys the best experiences in the marketplace, the EXI Navigator compares your experience performance at specific moments, touchpoints and journey stages to competitors by region, industry and/or talent segment. It also enables you to measure performance over time to track EX improvement efforts.

EXI Frontline Manager

Frontline managers have exponential power when it comes to influencing experiences. They oversee the delivery of customer experiences and shape how team members experience work every day. Yet organizations often overlook the frontline manager’s own experience as the key driver of EX and CX. 

EXI Frontline Manager helps you identify and eliminate the obstacles impairing frontline managers from performing their job – the most influential factor to a person’s overall experience of work. 

TI People’s EXI Frontline Manager uncovers what gets in the way of your frontline managers and what keeps them from delivering great experiences to team members and customers. It captures contextualized, interaction level data showing experience gaps across 4 key work scenarios: Planning, Delivering Results, Building Team and Enacting Change.

With EXI Frontline Manager:

  • Visualize the most significant obstacles in frontline managers’ day to day experiences
  • Guide senior business leaders to remove specific obstacles from frontline managers’ workflow
  • Engage business leaders in business conversation around improving customer loyalty, growth and productivity
  • Benchmark experience performance and measure improvement over time

Solution Details

  • Holistic, consistent EX framework and a regularly updated survey item library
  • Pre-built surveys with an advanced measurement logic (sampling, branching, triggering, scoping)
  • Pre-built dashboards with built-in analysis (benchmarking comparison, weighted index scores, driver analysis, sentiment analysis of free text comments)




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