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Launchpad Story – Marcus’s journey at Qualtrics

Finding your professional groove is a process — we don’t often land in the right role from the get-go. Whether it’s not the right fit, or it’s the stepping stone to the next position, Qualtrics is committed to supporting our Qualtricians’ professional growth in all its stages. For this series, we’re featuring our team members’ launchpad stories — where they started, where they are now, and all the in-betweens. This is Marcus’s story.

I started in a Corporate Account Executive role and am now an Enterprise Account Executive. Being in sales, the path is fairly straightforward, so based on my tenure I was slotted into that position in mid-2016 shortly after graduating college, and have been fortunate enough to have been promoted 5 times since, most recently into the Enterprise organization. Within that time, I also spent a year leading a team within the Sales Development organization, while still carrying a personal quota on the Account Executive side.

Who has played an impactful part in your Qualtrics story?

I’ll always remember Qualtrics for the friendships I’ve made while here. I’ve had numerous people that are still here at Qualtrics that have gone on this journey with me. Seeing their successes, learning from them, and being in the trenches with them for the past 6 years has taught me a lot. 

What has changing roles meant for your career/personal life?

No one will ever be perfect at sales, but with time you get more reps to build and polish areas of your skillset. In that process, it has opened up financial opportunities that will help lay a great foundation for my family’s future.

What skills have you developed either before or after changing roles?

My sales skills have continued to be refined as my roles changed. They are far from perfect, but it’s a continual development process that always gives me something to invest in. Deploying certain strategies depending on the variables you see in the field is fun, because no two sales cycles are the same. Learning when, how, and to whom you will take certain actions is an art that, when done effectively, is something to be proud of. You’re simply aiming to replicate that more and more as your career progresses. 

What’s your favorite thing about the role you have now?

A lot of your success falls on you. There will always be a few external factors at play, but for the most part you control your destiny in the long-term.


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