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Shine A Light

Shine A Light Night is a fundraising event from Focus Ireland, where business leaders, companies, and individuals will sleep out in their workplace, home, or gardens for one night to shine a light on homelessness in Ireland.

When you participate in Shine A Light Night, you help Focus Ireland to change the lives of families, young people, and children who are without a place to call home.

Shine A Light Night was launched in October 2012 where we invited business leaders to highlight homelessness. A total of 55 Irish business leaders participated and made the great effort to support this campaign by raising over €350,000 for Focus Ireland’s prevention services. Since the first sleep-out, we have received support from business leaders, companies, schools, and communities across Ireland, with over 100 business leaders, 400 corporate, and 300 community supporters taking part last year to shine a light on homelessness by sleeping out for one night.

“The experience was very eye opening to the harsh realities homeless people face when sleeping rough. No one should have to be without a roof over their head and hopefully Qualtrics's generous support and participation in the event will get us a step closer to achieving that goal!” - Darren O’Brien

Since 2012, the homeless crisis has deepened.  In May, we saw homelessness figures surpass 10,000, the highest figure recorded since before the pandemic due to a lack of affordable, secure housing in Ireland. Right now, there are 1,308 families, including 2,944 children without a home. These families can spend up to two years in a one-bedroom room in an emergency accommodation situation, which has a significant impact on mental health, self-esteem, and child development. However, homelessness would be much worse without the work of Focus Ireland. We are ending homelessness every day for families and individuals and our services are working hard to protect people who are currently homeless – especially children from the trauma caused by homelessness. 

28 colleagues in the Qualtrics Dublin office participated this year and raised a massive €13,000, which will directly benefit 40+ families to escape homelessness. Despite feeling cold, alone, and helpless while the rain poured down on us, we knew it was only for one night. I can’t imagine the feeling of not knowing when your next hot meal would come or when you could spend a night in a comfortable bed. Taking part in Shine A Light is a great way to put yourself in someone else's shoes and realise the harsh reality of homelessness.

“The Focus Ireland Shine a Light Night event was such a humbling experience. 28 of us in the Qualtrics Dublin office slept out in the cold and rain for one night in support of ending homelessness in Ireland. As a company and a team, we really turned up. Everyone that organised it, took part on the night, and provided donations should be very proud of the fundraising efforts (€13K+!!!). I’d highly recommend getting involved in next years event, to raise even more and try to end homelessness in Ireland once and for all.”” - Paul Reynolds

Hearing that our fundraising effort would be directly helping 40+ families leave homeless, it filled us with a great deal of pride. In a world of plenty, it is terrible to see people without so much as a safe, sheltered place to sleep. It is great to work in place like Qualtrics who regularly band together to support the community to become a better place for all.

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