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CRM Integration

What is Customer Service Database Integration?

Data integration is all about access to information. At Qualtrics, we provide the most powerful survey engine in the world. The information you collect should reflect what you already know and what you don’t know. Duplication of information is expensive and wastes the time of your customers and your staff. Serious research requires the ability to integrate data from all sources into the surveys and research that you are conducting.

Data integration allows you to take full advantage of the information you have and the information you don’t. Current information makes for better and more accurate data collection. With Qualtrics CRM data integration you know more.

Database surveys may be driven by:

  • A single answer by the respondent within the current survey.
  • Multiple answer conditions that are met by the respondent within the current survey.
  • Responses that the respondent made to previous questionnaires that he/she completed.
  • Information contained (positives) or not contained (negatives) in the CRM database.
  • Information contained in the campaign manager.
  • Advanced question logic, randomization, and blocking of questions.
  • Advanced question types such as conjoint analysis that take respondents through a sequence of patterned questions.

And may draw on information from, or link to:

  • Past Surveys in the Survey Library.
  • Past Questionnaires in the Questionnaire Library.
  • Graphics Library information.

This innovative survey system has the ability to not only create more types of questions, but generate questions dynamically based on any information in the data warehouse. Data from multiple sources can drive and be integrated into the system.


Consider the following examples that show how Qualtrics can help you tie your surveys and data back into your CRM solution.

A respondent answers a set of questions and is found to be a heavy user of your product or service, but has recently reported having a negative experience with your service staff. The service experience can be replayed and presented in question format for in-depth drill down to give greater insight.

Respondents can also be guided through the survey to view information based on past behavior or information needs as determined by the researcher or even the database.

Here are a few examples:

Automatic Date Completion

If you are missing current product usage information in your CRM system, the question can be automatically asked.

Automatic Question Determination

The respondent did not rent a car and the section on car rentals will not be asked.

Automatic Information Inclusion

The respondent rented a car and questions customized using the respondent’s CRM information are asked:

“Mr. Jones, you rented a car from XYZ Rental from JANUARY 10 to JANUARY 15, 2006 in HONOLULU, HAWAII. The following questions are about that rental experience.”

Automatic Filtering

The respondent indicated in earlier questions that she is female, in the 30-45 age group, and employed in a technology management position. Given that she met these three conditions, a series of questions about technology management are presented.

Automatic Survey Modification for Critical Information

You are surveying your company panel. In the previous survey that was sent to the respondent they did not answer the question about current employment status. You want your demographic information as complete as possible. This question is dynamically added to the survey for that respondent.

Through the analytics embedded in Qualtrics Survey Software System, all of your survey efforts are more effective.

  • Execute high-impact campaigns.
  • Convert more leads.
  • Seamlessly hand off leads to sales.
  • Measure marketing effectiveness.
  • Keep on top of customer changes.
  • Monitor your products in the market.
  • Track awareness, performance, quality, and loyalty.

The Campaign Manager allows you to track customer data, and instantly produce managerial reports using the online analytic capabilities that allow you to gain deep insight into your customers and business.

Identify opportunities before your competitors do. Determine which customers produce the highest margins. Understand the root causes of service problems, and then integrate your data back into your CRM solution.

Survey research is about information – having all of your data easily accessible and integrated. Your customer’s information is valuable in helping you better meet your company needs in the future.

All of this information is available for input to and output from your survey. We support a broad range of integration options ranging from a simple flat ASCII file download to integration with other systems using both APIs based on XML/SOAP Web Services standards and pre-built integrations with a hosted integration server.