New Hire Onboarding Survey Template Questions

Employee onboarding is a critical stage in the employee lifecycle and sets the foundation for how successful new hires are likely to be in your organization. A great onboarding experience will help employees adjust to their new role so they can quickly deliver valuable work and thrive in their new environment.

This New Hire Survey Template can be used to improve your onboarding program by understanding what’s working and what’s not.

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The onboarding experience is strongly correlated with a number of important employee experience and engagement KPIs including tenure, ramp time, and advocacy. By gathering information from each new hire and tracking items such as satisfaction, manager feedback, and the effectiveness of orientation processes, HR leaders and managers can maximize and optimize the investment they make in hiring and training new employees.

Onboarding surveys can be sent at any time, but it’s important to send them soon after the onboarding process because waiting too long could risk missing out on valuable insights as the experience won’t be fresh in employees’ minds. They should be no more than 10 total survey questions and ask direct questions about changes employees would like to see.

If you would like to take your onboarding experience a step further, Qualtrics Onboarding and New Hire Software allows you to optimize your onboarding process with feedback and insights from new hires and monitor the impact of your improvements and keep them on track with built-in action planning. You can also Automate your feedback program with APIs into your HRIS to get real-time insights automatically delivered to your HR team.

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