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Better government services start with experience design

June 17, 2021 / 10AM BST / 11AM CEST

Welcome to the Qualtrics Experience Symposium, dedicated to government leaders. This event is intended for those designing breakthrough services, experiences, and cultures in government agencies across Europe.

You’ll learn how leaders are approaching experience management, from government-wide guidance on customer experience to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion across the workforce and the lessons COVID-19 taught about data integrity. After this year of both isolation and exemplary public service, join us for an event filled with examples of endurance and courage.


    10:00 AM: Navigating uncertainty: Insights from a year in space
    Scott Kelly, History-Making NASA Astronaut; First to Complete a Year-in-Space Mission

    10:25 AM: Uncovering truth to build trust
    Alexis Madrigal, Co-founder of The COVID Tracking Project and staff writer at The Atlantic

    10:40 AM: Leveraging human-centered experience design
    Jamaal Davis, Customer Experience Manager, Allegheny County Department of Human Services

    10:55 AM: Light for the world to see
    Kwame Alexander, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Poet & Educator

    11:20AM: Accelerating CX and EX maturity in government
    Dustin Brown, Deputy Assistant Director, Office of Management and Budget

    11:35 AM: The data we need for diversity, equity, and inclusion
    Jennifer Harris, Equity Research & Program Manager, Office on African American Affairs, Milwaukee County

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