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Rosemin Anderson

Author Bio

Rosemin Anderson has extensive experience in the luxury sector, with her skills ranging across PR, copywriting, marketing, social media management, and journalism.

Articles attributed to Rosemin Anderson

How to improve your contact or call center experience

What is contact center experience? The contact center experience encompasses every touchpoint your customer might have with your customer service team. Whether calling for a refund, asking for help u...

By Rosemin Anderson

Brand monitoring: definition, methods and tools

What is brand monitoring? Brand monitoring is the act of collecting and measuring mentions of your company or brand across as many channels and touchpoints as possible – with a view to turn them in...

By Rosemin Anderson

Understanding share of search and what it means for your business

Share of search might be a newer term being used in market research, but it’s a powerful tool for understanding your business’ position in comparison to your competitors. Learn how to measure and ...

By David Dungan, Rosemin Anderson

How AI powered personalization is transforming customer experience

AI personalization is here to revolutionize customer experiences. Learn how to implement AI for increased engagement and improved customer loyalty. What is AI personalization? AI personalization is ...

By Rosemin Anderson

Contact center digital transformation: Your guide for success

With customers looking for more personal and more comprehensive experiences than ever, your contact center is likely inundated with requests and information. We look at the technology and processes be...

By Harry Gough, Rosemin Anderson

Six ways to find more survey participants

Get the right results from your survey by finding the right survey respondents to provide confidence in your data The challenge of finding survey respondents Getting the right survey participants is...

By Rosemin Anderson