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Brad Anderson

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Brad Anderson is President of Product and Engineering, responsible for defining, crafting and supporting the Qualtrics Experience Management solutions. He leads a team of more than 1,600 engineers, product managers, experience designers, program managers, IT professionals and security teams across 5 global development centers. He is responsible for ensuring the Qualtrics SaaS service continues to scale and meet all SLAs, privacy and security requirements. The Qualtrics service has scaled to 10B Experience IDs (doubled in 2022), executed 2B workflows, and analyzed 1.5B surveys responses and 2B interactions/conversations in 2022.

Articles attributed to Brad Anderson

Meet XM/os2: Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Experience Management

Today, we’re revealing one of the most exciting technology releases in our 20-year history — XM/os2. It brings together the power of Qualtrics AI and new generative AI capabilities with the world...

By Brad Anderson

Why the Forrester CFM Wave Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story About CX Vendors

Today, Forrester published The Forrester Wave: Customer Feedback Management Platforms, Q1 2023. In that Wave, Forrester evaluated Qualtrics Foundational CX - just one of four modules in CustomerXM™ ...

By Brad Anderson

Supporting Ukraine Relief Efforts

Like so many of you, I’ve spent the past week horrified by the war and deepening humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. I’ve been heartened by the displays of care and support from our amazing team aroun...

By Brad Anderson

Ushering in a new era of experience management with Experience ID

When it comes to making business decisions, in the past many organizations have taken an inside-out approach. They look to signals like growth metrics, competitive innovation, employee productivity, e...

By Brad Anderson

Qualtrics Acquires Usermind, a Next-Generation Experience Orchestration Platform

Today, we’re excited to share that we have acquired Usermind, a next-generation experience orchestration platform. Usermind captures and analyzes contextual data at every touchpoint of the custom...

By Brad Anderson

Bringing experience data into Microsoft Viva Connections

Today, nearly half of the U.S. workforce plans to look for a new job in the next 12 months. After a year that has seen a pandemic, unprecedented digital transformation, and employees having more optio...

By Brad Anderson

Qualtrics announces XM/OS, the operating system for experience management

A little over a year ago, businesses were faced with making tough decisions about how to keep their doors open, how to adapt, and how to survive as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. While the last 18 months ...

By Brad Anderson