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Qualtrics Acquires Usermind, a Next-Generation Experience Orchestration Platform

Today, we’re excited to share that we have acquired Usermind, a next-generation experience orchestration platform.

Usermind captures and analyzes contextual data at every touchpoint of the customer journey— from website visits and support calls to purchase history and communications preferences—enabling companies to deliver highly personalized experiences across any channel and reduce points of friction in real time. The result is accelerated customer acquisition, and higher retention, engagement, and customer lifetime value.

Our research shows that more than 60% of consumers are likely to switch brands after just a single poor experience. This means that organizations only have one chance to get the experience right. In a world where switching costs have never been lower, customers have already moved on by the time you notice they’re gone.

Instead of fixing broken experiences after they happen, companies need a way to manage them in real time. This is why over 13,500 organizations use Qualtrics for experience management – to understand the feelings and expectations of their customers and employees, analyze this experience data, and take action to continuously improve the experiences they deliver.

To design incredible experiences, organizations have to orchestrate the right customer journeys.

Every experience a customer or employee has with a company is part of a larger journey. Journeys are also how people experience an organization’s product or service, and how they experience an organization’s brand come to life. Every business outcome—good or bad—is driven by a journey.

As soon as a customer interacts with an organization–steps foot in a store, lands on their homepage, or calls customer service–they are on a journey. For example, once a customer downloads a new banking app, the organization’s goal is to have the customer deposit funds into their bank account. But oftentimes a customer might stop just one or two steps into that journey.

Organizations need to answer: why did they stop there? Was there a bug with the app, or was it something else? Was the customer’s goal the same as my goal? How can we better optimize this journey and better engage other customers in their journeys?

Organizations need contextual data to answer these questions in order to proactively prevent poor experiences.

This is why we are excited for Usermind to join the Qualtrics family. Usermind was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Journey Orchestration Platforms, Q2 2020 report, receiving the highest score in the Current Offering category. With Usermind, we are going to transform the way companies can use contextual data to actively shape experiences in real time.

Usermind will strengthen the Qualtrics XM Directory, the largest human sentiment database with over 4B customer and employee profiles, by bringing in contextual data from any source to create richer customer profiles that include every interaction a customer or employee has with a brand and all of the feedback they’ve provided over time.

Now, organizations will be able to bring this experience and contextual data together with operational data, such as customer demographics or sales history, analyze it, and automatically take action to shape journeys in real time and deliver personalized experiences for customers and employees at every touchpoint.

We’re excited to welcome such a talented and innovative team to Qualtrics, and one who also shares many of our same core values as a company. Stay tuned for more details about our plans to onboard Usermind into our Qualtrics platform. In the meantime, we invite you to learn more about our powerful XM Directory and watch a platform demo.

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Brad Anderson

As President of Products and Services at Qualtrics, Brad is responsible for the strategy and direction of the Qualtrics business’ portfolio, and for the post-sales services delivered to customers. This includes product deployment, expert practitioner services, customer success, customer support, and the XM Institute which is creating a thriving global community of Experience Management (XM) Professionals.

Prior to Qualtrics, Brad spent more than 17 years as a Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, where he led engineering teams that built several multi-billion dollar businesses that served more than 300 million monthly active users and devices. Earlier in his career, Brad spent 12 years at Novell, most recently serving as Vice President and General Manager of the ZENworks product line.

Brad graduated Magna Cum Laude in Design Engineering Technology, and later earned an MBA, from Brigham Young University. Outside of work, Brad enjoys spending time with his wife, Kim, their five children and three grandchildren.

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