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Catherine Thurtle

Author Bio

Catherine has more than 15 years’ experience in journalism and content marketing, having written for a whole host of magazines on everything from HR and healthcare to finance and fashion. Today, she spends her time bringing breakthrough XM stories to life and finding new ways to tell our customers’ stories.

Articles attributed to Catherine Thurtle

Designing for safety: Making user consent and trust an organizational asset

Organizations that prioritize user privacy and transparency can gain a competitive edge and build strong, long-lasting relationships with customers. Visit a website nowadays and you’re bombarded ...

By Catherine Thurtle

Throw your drowning managers a lifeline before it's too late

Do you feel like your managers are submerged in the depths of employee attrition and low morale? If so, you’re not alone. Here’s how to help them stay afloat. Employees don’t quit their jobs ...

By Catherine Thurtle

The X4 2023 guide to skiing around Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is not only home to the incredible X4 Summit, but at 4,000+ feet above sea level, it offers some of the greatest skiing in the world. Here’s your guide to hitting the slopes while in ...

By Catherine Thurtle

How the healthcare industry can act now to address nursing shortages

Organizations are finding new ways to respond to the range of factors affecting the nursing shortage. Discover what these are and how you can change the healthcare industry. Nurses continue to be t...

By Catherine Thurtle

How to build belonging at work: 21 must-read books

2021 is the year of belonging. Here are 21 must-read books on how to build it within your organization and encourage everyone to feel safe and supported so they can be their authentic selves. Our 2...

By Catherine Thurtle

How to lead remote teams: Tips and tools for managers

Managers are looking for extra guidance during this unquestionably strange time. How can they best support their people, while still making sure that productivity and engagement stay high? Here’s so...

By Catherine Thurtle

Free poll maker: Create and share polls quickly and easily

Create a poll in minutes to quickly and easily inform marketing strategy, get instant feedback, gather suggestions, or simply find out what your team wants for lunch... GET STARTED: Create a free a...

By Catherine Thurtle

How to empower your people to ask for the benefits they need - and build a package to match their feedback

Gym passes and free office lunches aren’t the perks they once were. It’s time to rethink your employee benefits packages – but what do your people really want? What’s going to make their lives...

By Catherine Thurtle

Digital transformation: How can it help drive your automotive business?

When it comes to digital, what are the things that you could be doing now to make a real difference to your automotive business? We gathered together thought leaders from across automotive space and b...

By Catherine Thurtle

How to encourage diversity and inclusion with employee resource groups

Right now every organization globally has a responsibility to promote diversity and inclusion. Don’t know where to begin? Go straight to the source: your people. Diversity and inclusion should be...

By Catherine Thurtle

26 Diversity and Inclusion leaders to follow on Twitter

Want to understand more about diversity and inclusion? One small step to take today is to diversify your social feeds. Here are some crucial thought leaders to start following today. We know it ins...

By Catherine Thurtle

Bouncing back: 20 books on resilience and reinvention

As organizations adapt to the ‘new normal’, page through these books to inspire you with ideas on how to bounce back stronger. 1. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance By Angela Duckwo...

By Catherine Thurtle

Larry Friedman: ‘The future challenges and opportunities of market research’

For more than 40 years, Larry Friedman Ph.D has been a pioneer in his field.  Currently Co-Editor of the GreenBook blog, his career started in academia, before becoming the Chief Research Officer at ...

By Catherine Thurtle

How to drive customer satisfaction with employee coaching

Your customers play a key role in helping coach your employees and has a win-win effect to help drive voice-of-customer change. Here’s how you can use employee coaching to enable better customer exp...

By Catherine Thurtle

Forrester Study: Economic Impact of Qualtrics CustomerXM

Experience management from Qualtrics isn’t just a good strategic decision. It’s an excellent financial decision. In a Qualtrics-commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study (TEI), Forrester Consult...

By Catherine Thurtle