Harry Gough

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With an English Literature degree from Loughborough University under his belt, Harry’s career has been all things content related ever since. He now spends his time helping Qualtrics tell the Experience Management story, showing the value that it brings to brands and most importantly, their customers.

Articles written by Harry Gough

Qualtrics + Rybbon: Encourage study participation with automated rewards

If you want to maximize participation rates or show appreciation for customer feedback, this announcement is for you... Introducing the Qualtrics and Rybbon partnership, making Incentives Management ...

5 min read

Social listening: What it is and why it matters

One of the best ways to understand what people are really saying about you in their environment, social listening should be an integral part of your brand strategy. Here’s how it works. Social me...

13 min read

Qualitative vs Quantitative Research: What is it and when should you use It?

Qualitative and Quantitative research are established and effective ways of collecting data. Learn when to use them, when not to - and how they can help you to reach your research goals Firstly, it...

8 min read

Democratizing data: How Stanford's JD Schramm creates stories that matter

JD Schramm, a lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business, finds market research fascinating. Why? Not because of the data itself, but because of the opportunities that arise from it. As a practi...

4 min read

10 brand and marketing conferences you should attend in 2020

As brands strive to meet the needs of their consumers in an ever-changing world, the best strategy to help marketers do so can be up for debate. One of the best ways to stay at the forefront, understa...

12 min read

The top product management & research conferences to attend in 2020

Technology is rapidly changing the way we live and product leaders are at the forefront of this revolution. As the competition increases, products must be developed in record time and meet consumer ne...

9 min read

The top HR Conferences for 2020

The human resources function is changing at a seemingly supersonic pace. From what was once a back–office function, HR has evolved to a strategic position in charge of managing the full employee exp...

19 min read

The top customer experience (CX) conferences for 2020

As a customer experience professional, you see first hand that the industry is ever-changing and the need to keep up with the latest trends to stay relevant. Customer experience conferences are a g...

9 min read

25 reasons why Customer Service is vital in 2020

Consumers today expect a great experience and how you deliver customer service is at the heart of it. Brands that meet their consumers’ needs are setting themselves up for success; they’ll improve...

5 min read